The Enchanted Cube With Online Instruction by DARYL

The Enchanted Cube With Online Instruction by DARYL

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You cleanly display a thoroughly mixed Rubik's Cube on ALL SIX SIDES! There is no question that the cube is completely mixed (because it is). The cube is tossed into the air, INSTANTLY & VISIBLY SOLVED! 

Once again, the cube is shown all around, each side is now solid in color. Right in front of the watchful eyes of your audience, you have created the impossible! 

You will receive a handmade Enchanted Cube and DARYL'S original, fully detailed instructions (Online). 

BONUS! As a bonus, you will receive Gregory Wilson's personal routine using the Enchanted Cube. Gregory also covers his incredible two-cube routine! (Online) 

Comes complete with a very special Rubik's Cube.
No magnets
No flaps
No elastic
No Sleight of Hand
No ditching
Instant reset
Easy to learn
Easy to perform

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