The Hidden Universal Edition By Andy Nyman


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Andy Nyman’s The Hidden is a powerful demonstration of psychological influence and now for the first time we have made it universal!
Instead of using the words (which restricted you to only performing to English speaking audiences) we have used images.
This new universal set also comes with options to reflect what people carry with them in this modern day as well as a new bonus phase not included in the original routine.
Comes complete with
Custom red backed Bicycle card gimmicks with a picture or Money, Keys, Drink, Mobile Phone & Credit Card and full video tutorial.
*Add your own regular or blank faced Bicycle deck (red)
Add the original Watch, Wallet & Coin word cards from the dropdown menu for only £5!
** For more information on this great effect watch Peter Nardi's Hidden Treasures Ep4 Below

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Customer Reviews

Chris Fisanick

Brilliant, but I have to knock it down a star. This is the first time in all the years that I have been buying from Alakazam that I felt a pang of disappointment. This routine, using the special cards, is fantastic, killer, just great. But to make it truly effective, you need to buy a blank-face, red-back Bicycle deck. Why, oh why, wasn't one included? I'd have gladly paid $(US)5 more. That off my chest, get this and go out and fry everyone including magicians with The Hidden.

Dean Humpage

The original Hidden has been hidden in my collection since it was first released i pulled it out the force cards a bit tatterd and didnt sit good in a clean blank deck so i grabbed a new set superb effect and andy nymans scripting is supercool although think i will personalize it for me, cracking old school effect makes you look like your an expert card handler BUY IT. Youll love it .

Philip Phillips

I look forward to Peters new chat ‘Hidden Treasures’ so was a little disappointed to see this weeks is Hidden, by Andy Nyman because I already have it. I truly have Hidden with me at all times, I perform it every opportunity I get. This is stunning, so cleverly simple. Terrific value, a really nice piece of magic with an excellent presentation that fits it so well. This is not to be missed.

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