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The JW Grip by The Alchemy Tree

The JW Grip by The Alchemy Tree

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The JW Grip is The Alchemy Tree’s first coin tutorial and it’s a lightning fast vanish and production from an open hand.  It looks stunning!

The good news is that it’s NOT a knuckle-buster and it’s achievable in no time … even by a beginner. It’s the perfect opening to any coin routine and your audience will credit you with far more skill than it takes to learn the move.

As with all Alchemy Tutorials, the JW Grip is taught in depth and with total precision.  There’s no unnecessary waffle, just the important points that make this sleight look like real magic.

Look out for more coin sleights and routines coming shortly. 

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Customer Reviews

Darren Bane

Absolutely crystal clear tutorial! Shown at different speeds and from different angles, and explained without any jargon, this is as perfect a tutorial as you will find. I will definitely be seeking out more Alchemy Tree tutorials.

Dave Bolton

Great tutorial for a move I really wanted to get down. Have not found it in such simple detail in any other tutorials including metal. Thanks

Nathanael Elsey

I have been doing magic for 2 years now and I never really got into coin magic unless it used special coins to do an amazing trick. But with practice and patients this is an excellent quick trick you can do when you seemingly have no magic tricks on you at all. The effect is stunning and the video teaches you everything you need to pull off this effect. I have been practicing and you do quickly begin to pick up the moves and makes the coin really appear from no where. Thank you once again Alakazam

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