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 *The Lamp works perfectly with UK 20p coins or Euro 20c coins

The Lamp is a lovely little effect using a little gold coloured Genie Lamp or teapot which is secretly an awesome little Boston box.

This little gem is perfectly weighted so the move works itself!

Purchase the Lamp from Alakazam and you will also receive in-depth video instructions where Peter Nardi teaches you all you need to know about this great little product.

*The special instructional video will be delivered directly in to the Streaming Video section of your Alakazam account apon purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Giles Saunders

If it wasn't for Peter's excellent instructions and routines I would give this nothing. I didn't expect a gold teapot but thought it would be metal, not plastic. It does as it says on the tin but plastic!!!!

Geoff Lucas

This is such a good trick, don't overlook it. You can shake the teapot and they not only see but hear the coins inside. You can also do a lovely coins through table too. Nicely made, easy to do, get

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