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From Dean James and Dave Frith comes Rainman a marked deck that opens up a new world of possibilities.


Rainman is a beautifully designed deck that holds a whole host of very powerful secrets.


Take a look at some of the unique features   

The first multi marked deck that enables a performer to accurately weigh the cards

The first marked deck to support being able to deal out a royal flush .

The first fully coded multi marked deck .

Code learnt in minutes

Deck can be scrutinized by anyone (the code is so well hidden it cannot be seen even by a seasoned magician) .

Once the code is learnt marks can be seen from up to 3 feet away.

Unique Jokers that can force cards hidden in plain site on the face of the jokers,

Gives the ability to allow you dead-cut named cards or any amount of cards called.

Ability to detect either a red or black card , .

2 one way force markings.

Secret crib on tuck of box disguised as a bar code that allows mnemonicans to call out the total value of the cards cut with his back turned from the deck.

A stack workers dream, a killer weapon to mnemonicans and to none mnemonicans users. As long as the Rainman is in stack it is the most deadly marked deck in existence

Tried and tested by seasoned professionals this is a huge push forward in mark decks.

Over 2 hours of tuition.


Play with the Advantage, play with Rainman.


Order your Rainman today and start performing feats you never thought possible!

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Customer Reviews

Craig Gill

Last year I was lucky enough to be able to get this this deck, and as some one who found it difficult to master a stacked deck and always believed it beyond my capabilities, using this has opened new doors for my magic, the ability to be able to cut to any position in the deck and know what card you have cut too, what is the next card the weight and number of cards you have in your hand amazes the lay person no end. This is a must have deck that even when being used as a normal marked deck no one will ever figure it out as the marking have no logic to them unless you know the code and after 5 minutes you will be able to read them.

Jason Cunningham

I was blessed enough to receive this AMAZING deck around 6 months ago to trial… Now math isn’t my strong point, but really, thanks to the Genius of Dean’s system, people are beginning to think I eat, sleep and dream math.. Very simple system to learn even with little or no prior knowledge of the mnemonic stack, yet can also encourage and improve that knowledge if you wish to do so.. Beautifully designed and are lush to handle… A total game changer me thinks.. Well done Dean, you really smashed it with this gem!!

Lance Bowen

2 years ago, I was lucky enough to be one of a handful of people around the world Dean contacted to take a look at his "Rainman Deck". At this point, I had been entertaining around the UK for 23 years, and had never used a marked deck.! After seeing what was possible with this deck, I completely "BLOWN AWAY".!!! It only took me 10 minutes to understand the code to allow me to read the deck. As soon as covid restrictions were lifted, I put the deck to use immediately.! I now use it at every booking, no matter what type of event it is. I also use it at wedding fayres, and have been booked there and then on the strength of what they had just witnessed.! Not to long ago, I badly burnt my left hand, and I had a wedding fayre at the prestigious Celtic Manor the very next morning. All I could perform that day was the Rainman Deck. I took 4 on the bookings, and 3 more a few days later from that fayre, using nothing but the Rainman Deck.! Not to mention all the bookings I've taken after people watched me perform with this deck.! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you purchase this deck..!!! You won't disappointed when you realise what you can do with this deck.! If I had to mark this deck out of 100. I can honestly say, hand on heart. This is deck is a 100 in my personal opinion.!!!

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