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The Sting By Scott Paton Instant Download

The Sting By Scott Paton Instant Download

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Download and learn Scott Paton’s The Sting Today!
'The Sting is more than just a trick. It's a multi phased monster of a card set that will make you look incredibly skilled with a deck of cards' -  John Carey

With The Sting Scott has created more than just a card effect. It truly is a full blown performance piece.  The moment Scott first showed the effect to Peter, Peter fell in love with it and created his own presentation which is taught on the download.

The great thing about The Sting is that the effect itself is totally self working even an absolute beginner can do it! With that said the effect will grow with your skill level.

I think the true holy grail to any card magician is the new deck ending and The Sting delivers this automatically.

Scott has created a killer routine, Perfect for those times when you are sitting at a table and you want to blow their minds.  Emulate the skills of a world class card cheat by presenting this as a gambling demonstration. 

The Sting also works great over Zoom for online performances.

Please note The Sting uses an un-gimmicked deck, is self-working and in the tutorial Scott and Peter cover everything you need to know.

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Customer Reviews

Paul Watts

Amazing amazing effect, easy to do, no sleight of hand required. One of the best things I've bought this year. Highly recommended

CM Evans

WTF! Yes, it really is so good, I'm going to say WTF again!! Super easy to do and it evolves with you to match your skill level. Probably one of the best magic effects I've ever bought and I've bought lots.

Stephen Giles

Fantastic Scott. very grateful to you and Peter for sharing this wonderful gem. Absolute poetry in motion.

Kieran Harmon

Wow Scott, you have created an absolutely brilliant trick here. It's so simple and efficient. I have performed a few times now and my family and friends are saying its the best trick l had ever showed them. I wish l could give this a lot more than 5 stars.

Owen Mc Gough

This is exactly the kind of routine I look for, as it gives you the basic routine but then can be expanded in others ways. I do a show based on being disabled and having the skills to do some strong card magic, this will be going into the set list.


Being a card magician for many years using sleight of hand seeing this made me instantly say yes I want to learn that. Thain when you see it is possible for all skill levels makes it even better. Genius trick and great ending

Nigel Ford

I certainly haven't been stung by The Sting! My only criticism is that it is far too cheap! That's typical of Alakazam of course. Tremendous value for money time after time! What a fantastic yet simple to follow build up to an 'out of this world' ending - literally! Absolutely brilliant. I cannot wait to pack this 5 minute gem into my close up case and get out there performing it. Congratulations on creating such a fantastic miracle. Nigel K. Ford. Taunton.

Alan Lycett

The first phase of the routine is worth the price of download, to be able to announce the chosen card is a miracle in itself. As all the previous reviewers have said it is a fantastic effect and because it is self working allows the more experienced to reveal the cards in other ways in their armoury. If you purchase this you will not be disappointed. If you like this effect it may well be worth checking out J.C`s perfect closer performed and explained by Michael Ammar, a blackjack themed routine with a similar climax, completely different method but would sit nicely alongside THE STING. Scott you float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Gary Ogden

I am not one for downloads as 9 times out of 10 they are rubbish! I saw this and just had to get it. Peter's explanation that is was self working (with a bit of work) was spot on. I couldn't believe how easy the first routine was. Now I have my new performers pad I will be practicing this routine as much as I can! A Must Buy!!!

Lex Zaleta

Watching Peter and Scott brainstorm this exquisite piece of performance art into an even more brilliant gem is worth twice the price in itself. Totally self-working if you want it to be, but Peter and Scott gently guide you through higher skill levels if you choose that route. This is the best instructional video I have come across so far.


I love this routine, very powerful stuff, no mem work, easy to perform, if your a card guy with decent chops you’ll look like the greatest card man in the world, lol This is really some clever stuff here. Well worth you time and investment. Kudos Scott !

Nik Verheyen

Fantastic! Have been searching over 27 years to find a trick with this kind of finale’s sooooo easy.

Luke Jonas

Really nice little concept here plays really strong. Really well explained Multi phased and perfect for virtual shows too, will be going into my set.

Trevor Sampson

Seen this on the product review and though wow what a great effect and self working so got it straight away , yes it self working and you can use slights like false cuts and shuffles if you want , what you see is what happens . Great opener then after the effect shuffle the deck and do something else


Just wanted to add this, which is. Not only is this an amazing 100% self working card magic trick. This is definitely the card trick that cannot be explained. Thats how good it is, It's absolutely Brilliant.

John Williams

So clever and commercial


I always like full deck set up tricks, this one is no exception, because this is a perfect opener and then you can of course do other tricks with the deck because it is a normal deck. No gimmicks no special deck, just a deck of cards. By the way it's always better to false shuffle and false cut the deck so people can't think of a set up deck. And the effect is WOW, what a good trick.

Dean James Humpage

10 quid for a routine like that its a gift beautiful presentation peter superb idea scot kind of routine that makes you look a genius in the eyes of the mugels x

Geoff Lucas

One word GENIUS

Paul McCaig

NO COMMENT!!!....Apart from Wow!...Great thinking Scott, an absolutely stunning routine with a well thought-out and easy to remember, self-working method and a nice flowing multi-phase routine that can be very easily adapted to numerous storylines and themes. The really clear and precise video tutorial covers everything in great detail, with plenty of in-depth handling convincers for beginners and intermediate performers, which more advanced card-workers can expand-on should they wish to!! Well done young man. 10/10.

Gary Kelly

Wow! wow! wow!! enough said

Robert Hollander

This is an absolutely beautiful routine. I just did it for the first time and amazed myself. I don't write many reviews but had to on this one. Best thing I've seen since Virtual Triumph in terms of fairness, perceived "mess," card productions and finale. Nice work Scott and Peter! Thank you for this!


WoW, how good this is, so pleased to off got this download, i didnt beleive at first it could actually work. it definately does work, its so easy to do, its such a fooler, and its just such a cool trick to do too. Great towards the end of the video, showing the false cuts, which is also a great bonus, as i only no some but not all, very enjoyable to watch, and easy to follow, very well explained, going over some important points too. Alakazam has done it again. A brilliant routine, and the great thing is you can make it your own, this is also hreat for beginners too, as weve all been there, so good to give a beginner in card magick a heads up too.

Alfie McCreadie

This is an amazing trick. It can literally be adapted however you like to suit your style of magic! And the best part is the kicker ending. DEFINITELY recommend this. 5 stars!

Jason Cunningham

OMG!!... This is an absolute blinder... How can something so simple to learn pack so many punches?.. Scott, I doth my cap Sir... You are a genius and I am so looking forward to your upcoming releases for sure.

Sandy Wilson

On a live launch, when you have magicians asking how many perfect faro shuffles are required to complete this, a practically self-working card trick, you know you are on to a winner. This is a lovely performance piece that can be played how you wish. The initial (repeatable) card reveal is worth the price of the download alone, however the demonstration of locating the kings, followed by the kicker ending is pure gold. Got ham hocks for hands like me? You too can look like Richard Turner with only a few simple moves, which are taught in detail by Peter Nardi. The best thing here is that this will grow with you as your card magic improves you can substitute in more elaborate moves into the piece - should you wish - as everything shown on the demonstration is easily achievable. A fantastic effect that I can see myself performing for years to come. Highly recommended.

David Williams

WOW!!!! So easy and so powerful. What else is there to say?

Mark Vent

Wow, having downloaded this I’m performing the whole routine in under an hour - so simple to get a handle on - I can now concentrate on patter and changing some of the handling to suit me. Scott this is absolute GOLD! thank you for sharing this.

Darren Bane

Peter Nardi described this as a 'powerhouse' and I can't think of a better word. When I saw the trailer, I did not see the ending coming at all. What I did fear was all sorts of sneaky shenanigans and special secret moves. It really is something that a total beginner can learn and dazzle people with in a very short space of time. This is absolutely awesome. And for this price, a complete no-brainer. Buy it, learn it. You will AMAZE audiences. You WILL use it.

Wayne Goodman

I love this, its a whole lot of magic for the money and looks like years of practice when in fact you will learn it in minutes. a great effect, no a great whole routine that builds and builds to a brilliant and unexpected ending well done Scott you have hit a home run with this one

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