The Voyager by Joel Dickinson

The Voyager by Joel Dickinson

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'That is freaking brilliant Joel', Gary Jones, Magician and Creator.

'The voyager was one of the most incredible things I’ve seen Joel do. As soon as I heard it was for sale I bought it and I can’t wait to perform this in my show, very excited.' Kieron johnson, Magician and Creator.

The Voyager has been performed by Joel for over a decade.
It is a magic and mentalism cross over which packs one heck of a punch.

It can be performed as a killer close up routine or as a mind-blowing stage piece and it is INCREDIBLY EASY to perform.

Your audience watch as a participant experiences time travel and they bring back a coin from the past, the coin not only appears in your participant's hand but it is also engraved with the very year they are merely thinking of.

This is very commercial, it is easy to perform, fully scripted, self-working and an unforgettable professional routine.

There is no reset to worry about and the gimmick will last a lifetime.

What do I receive?:

A handcrafted set of The Voyager coins, a full HD video download and full routines to start using The Voyager coin set immediately.

The Voyager is a reputation making routine. With bare minimal props and you will be ready to perform this  memorable routine at the drop of a hat.

PLEASE NOTE : The Voyager has been designed using British coins. If you are not performing in Britain I provide an introduction presentation to the routine to justify using British coins. Please bare this in mind when you consider purchaing The Voyager.

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Customer Reviews

Steve Black

Let me first say that I think Joel is a superb creator. This is an open review so I wont discuss methodology as that would be unfair. The effect that is in the AD copy is the reason I bought this and Joel has stated he has performed this many times with great success . I believe him , BUT essentially in order to achieve this ( as in the AD copy) the heat is on the gimmick which cannot be examined . An impression that is given in the AD copy. A second method is provided which is nice , not as strong but does eliminate the above issue. It is difficult to explain without being overt. The gimmick is of average quality but the explanation is clear and concise. A tad disappointed !!!

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