TK Bolt Props and Video Instructions

TK Bolt Props and Video Instructions

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Read your spectators mind in a fun and novel way.

Three cards are shown that have an image of a coloured rod on them. The spectator is asked to select one and not share with anyone else. Three matching coloured rods are then introduced to which a bolt is then attached to each. These are then dropped in to a see through bottle for all to see.

The spectator is then asked to concentrate on the coloured rod he is merely thinking about and then, as the bottle is gently shaken, the bolt on the corresponding coloured rod then completely comes off! Everything is completely examinable at the beginning and end.

Comes complete with everything ready to go ( including a video tutorial) and is extremely easy to do, you’ll be performing this straight away after learning the sneaky secret.

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Customer Reviews

Neil Bird

This is a brilliant opener. I used this for the first time at a recent booking and it was an instant hit. Completely mind boggling and baffles any onlooker. Instantly repeatable and no reset required therefore great for walkaround.

Michael Kent

This is such a clever, and fun, piece of magic that you can carry in your pocket. Love the fact that there are no suspect moves to worry about and everything is fully examinable before and after. How on earth did the inventor discover that that this works?! Great value for money and highly recommended.


This is a very clever trick with quirky props . I love things that are different and easy to do, so that i can concentrate on the presentation and let the props do all the work for me. This is great value for money and well worth spending a tenner on. Hats off to the creator of this little beauty.

Spikey Chadwick

What a great little effect this is. Simple to do and very impactful. It really stumps people as there is no possible way that they can imagine you can unscrew the correct nut without touching it. Everything is fully examinable, which adds another layer of impossibility to the effect. This is a short, simple, easy to carry effect that is a little bit different. For a tenner, you can't go wrong.

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