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Triple Impact Collateral Damage By Peter Nardi and Matt Ellison RED

Triple Impact Collateral Damage By Peter Nardi and Matt Ellison RED

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Collateral Damage is Peter Nardi’s personal handling of Triple Impact. A truly fantastic version that he has kept secret for years! 
Peter Nardi’s version of Matt Ellisons classic Triple Impact knocks it out the park!
Don't be mistaken this is not just a new handling, as our friend Mick Wilson says "It's a completely different beast" Colin Miller the creator of Heirloom and Hollywood or Bust said " This has to be your closer as it's too strong an effect to follow!"
Imagine having a spectator cut the deck, remove 3 cards and place them into 3 different pockets (left, right and back)
Then they cut the deck again and remove another 3 cards, you now read their mind and tell them which 3 cards they have (all while your back is turned) 
You now state that before you left the house today you also placed 3 cards in to 3 pockets but from a different colored deck.  You remove a card from your back pocket as you ask your spectator to do the same.  When the cards are turned around they match!

You now remove a card from your right hand pocket which matches the card from their right and pocket and the same goes for the remaining pocket!

Triple Impact Collateral Damage is super easy to do and mixes both mind reading and precognition to give you an absolutely mind blowing effect. 

No R & S
No Pocket Indexes
Pockets are completely empty after the cards are removed
No Sleight Of Hand 

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Customer Reviews

Modus Ponens

A lil tripartite cardistry that will not disappoint! It flows, is well thought out, a real fooler. Money well spent, thx to the guy's at Alakazam…

Eitay Cohen

Great trick, simple to do. I added 6 envelope to the trick 3 for the spectator and 3 to the reveal instead of using pockets so even a woman with a dress without pocket space can be the spectator.

Graeme Rayner

This really is a killer effect and is so easy to perform, even for an amateur like myself. The method is simple and reliable and requires no sleights or complicated handling. The effect leaves spectators open mouthed and bewildered.

John Williams

An excellent clever and well constructed routine. I shall present as soon as we can meet the clients.

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