TRU Xtreme by Menny Lindenfeld

TRU Xtreme by Menny Lindenfeld

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By Menny Lindenfeld 
(Volume 1, 2 & 3) 

Most EXTREME rubber-band penetration effects you'll ever perform! 

"TRU Xtreme is brilliant! The band jumping on the spectators finger and other objects fooled me badly." 
- Joe Rindfleish - 

"TRU Xtreme is NEXT LEVEL rubber band magic. I highly recommend it." 
- Dan Harlan - 

Menny Lindenfeld's first and original TRU™ was hailed by the International Magic community as the MOST VISUALLY-STUNNING rubber-band penetration effect created! It still remains a huge BESTSELLER. 

TRU™ Xtreme is NOT a 2.0 release. In TRU™ Xtreme, Menny Lindenfeld not only further explores, but also elevates rubber-band penetration effects to NEW VISUAL EXTREMES THAT DEFIES BELIEF! 

In this 3-volume release, you'll learn NEW TRU™ METHODS, a ton of new VISUALLY-INSANE EFFECTS, and NUMEROUS multi-phase ROUTINES. 

The effects in TRU™ Xtreme are BEYOND AMAZING and way too SURREAL to be described. What you get is TRU™ ON STEROIDS!

Powerful & visually-stunning.

NEW TRU™ methods, effects & routines.

No cover - fingers are open and fully exposed.

Rubber-band visibly penetrates the fingers.

Can also be performed with a SPECTATOR's finger (new method).

Let a SPECTATOR himself pull RB through YOUR finger.

Menny's all-time favorite! Cause a RB slowly pass through the flesh of your finger in SUPER SLOW MOTION. This looks LIKE A CAMERA TRICK!

Perform with a Sharpie® marker, borrowed eye glasses, beer bottle & many other objects - limited only by your personal Creativity.

Spectator can actually hold the Sharpie® or other objects.

Routine variation with borrowed earphones (new method & routine).

Learn the CLEANEST and MOST VISUALLY-INSANE Finger-to-Finger-Jump effect ever created.

Most of the effects are 360° angle-proof and can be performed fully surrounded.

No gimmicks/100% impromptu.

FREE BONUS EFFECTS included with each volume.

HIGH QUALITY & LONG LASTING rubber-bands included (Bands produced by Joe Rindfleish).

Video tutorial VOLUME #01 (Download/Full HD 1080p/68 minutes).

Video tutorial VOLUME #02 (Download/Full HD 1080p/52 minutes).

Video tutorial VOLUME #03 (Download/Full HD 1080p/65 minutes).

Menny Lindenfeld is well-known and Internationally respected for his clear and in-depth teaching that encompasses not only the smallest details, but also focuses with precision, on how each aspect of the method works... and even more importantly - Why? Each volume includes excellent tips on moves, angels, plus performance demonstrations with a real spectator. 

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