Ultimatum Deck RED By Steve Brownley

Ultimatum Deck RED By Steve Brownley

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Alakazam Magic are proud to present Steve Brownley’s Ultimatum Deck

The Ultimatum Deck is easy to use yet allows for some world class card effects including.

Repeat Card At Any Number (The holy grail to many and now you can perform it with 2 spectators)

3 Choice Cuts (3 Cards are selected and lost back in to the deck. Now take a step back as a forth spectator cuts to all 3 selections!)

Luck And Intuition (This one is a mind blower, 2 spectators cards are found. The first is at a freely chosen number and the second is found by a spectator tossing a card in to the deck and you dribble them on to the table)

The Ultimatum Deck comes complete with custom deck and online video instructions.

Awesome card magic that’s easy to do and totally  mind blowing 

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Customer Reviews

Francis Clarke

Just what I was looking for, this deck allows you to do some very clever card tricks that leaves them scratching there heads on how is that done Well worth £20, highly recommended. use it all the time, well done Steve Brownley.

Andy Richardson

Great trick but frustrating watching it on vimeo as you can't rewind or fast forward

Harley Gregory

Brilliant effect fooled magicians and lay people alike, very easy too pick up and use with spectacular results. A must have for any magician.

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