UNOrthodox By Antonio Martinez


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Antonio Martinez has taken one of the worlds strongest effects and made it even Stronger.

The Ultra Mental deck is used by almost every magician and mentalist around the world but imagine how powerful it would be to prove that only is their card the only card face-down in the deck but it's actually the only card in the deck!
UNOrthodox is a sure-fire winner and perfect for close-up or Parlour and will even work on stage!

UNOrthodox is a custom manufacture deck which is colourful, interesting and relatable.

May be performed with either a comedy presentation or a serious mentalism approach.

You will absolutely love UNOrthodox and so will your audience.

Easy To Do
No Sleight Of Hand
Instant Reset
Full Online Video Training
Custom Designed Deck On High Quality Playing Card Stock
No Mathematics 
No Counting

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Customer Reviews

Graham Prigg

This is by far the best trick I've bought in ages. I love the idea of opening the card box to find uno cards, the audience believes you've genuinely messed up and that's always a winner for me. It's also a worker I performed this many times at an awards ceremony last night and it blew people away, instant reset and so much fun. It's taken the invisible deck to another level, it's well made and above all allows you to create your own routines with ease. Love it.

Nigel Bunce

This is similar to invisible deck, but easier to perform, would you believe! Because it is easy to perform it allows the performer to focus on delivery, and there are many ways to deliver this effect. The cards are top quality and the bright, vivid, Uno cards makes people want to watch. If you have bought this then no doubt you are as pleased with yourself as I am!

Bert Van Dyck

There is a restricted choice of cards in this deck but this is certainly not a problem for this effect. Evertthing is well explained in the instructions ! The final reveal is even more stronger than the invisible deck. Alakazam delivers again unseen top quality with this product. Highly recommended !!!!

Steve Black

This is a lovely new twist on an old method. The cards are superb quality and it is very easy to do. The instruction is clear and concise. An excellent release ! Well done guys !!!

Dean James Humpage

Grabbed a set at the convention i love the invisi deck so had to have a box,great upto date idea ,good quality product that will last should get some great reactions a great effect for tables and close up .

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