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Vernon Push Off Second Deal Box Set By Alchemy Tree (Left Handed)

Vernon Push Off Second Deal Box Set By Alchemy Tree (Left Handed)

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*Please note this is the Left Handed Version (Perfect for Left handed people)
We all know the second deal as a gambling sleight, but it also has great applications for magic and even mentalism.
If you’ve ever wanted to perform the perfect any-card-at-any-number routine or a routine where a spectator stops you at their own card, then this could be the perfect move for you.
In this box set we not only teach the basic handling, but also share tips on how to make your second deal smooth and invisible.
We then look at the different types of second deal and how each is suitable for either gambling, magic, or mentalism. We even share handlings where the heat is away from the deck.  So, even if your second deal isn’t perfect, it will still fly by your spectators.
Finally, we conclude with three entirely original second-deal routines: one for gambling; one for magic and one for mentalism.
As always, the tutorial is shot from multiple angles, with slow motion recaps and handling for left and right-handed magicians.
Literally years of research and refinement has gone into this box set.  If you’re willing to put in the time, this resource has everything you need to build the perfect second deal.

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