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Yours And Mine by John Carey

Yours And Mine by John Carey

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John Carey is back with another fantastic multi phased download you are just going to love!  As with John’s recent downloads Yours and Mine is perfect for both online and in person performances.


Here’s the heads up! A face down packet of 8 cards is displayed and shuffled and you and your participant each choose 4 cards under extremely fair conditions. You display the cards you chose have Mine written on the faces and their cards have Yours on their faces. So strong and so clean!


Next up the cards are mixed in alternating yours/mine fashion and then magically separate into two groups. But there’s more! For the third phase theirs a beautiful triple transposition/follow the leader sequence you will have so much fun doing. Sneaky too!


Finally John performs a slow motion one at a time transposition of the two groups of cards that looks so magical, bringing a super strong 4 phase routine to conclusion.


On this download John is joined by Peter as they discuss the routine and break down and deconstruct the method in great detail. There’s no tough moves to worry about. Just a super satisfying modular routine that you will learn very quickly and add to your performing repertoires. This is YOURS AND MINE!!!

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Customer Reviews

Mike Donoghue

This is a worker that has a hook . I love effects which have a play on words & this easy to do 4 phase routine hits the spot. It’s perfect for restaurants as when the food turns up you can stop ie. there’s no need to do all 4 stages & the same applies for work at weddings if the photographer needs people to go for photos( that’s the beauty of a modular routine). Also there’s no need for a table as your spectators have hands ( yes I know it’s politically correct to say participants now , however if you are doing your job correctly they shoud all be participating) Each phase is very strong & with a little thought the wording on the cards can be changed to suit the occasion & a script can be worked out to suit weddings, trade type shows etc(I have loads of ideas on this) Well done Mr Carey & thanks Mr Nardi . I like this a lot

Jonathon Allwood

Fantastic 4 come to my very clean very fun top 4 classic packet effect in one package that everyone will love to have on them so next time you are ask to do some magic you just bring out this package and wow mind to your delight.. it something that you can have on you any time .. and it very clear and clean ! Well done John Carey very bold close up card magic!

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