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Zener Match By Nikolas Mavresis Pro Size

Zener Match By Nikolas Mavresis Pro Size

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**This item is made with our larger Pro Size stock (poker size is also available)
"Zener Match is hands down the best ESP match effect I have seen! It's incredibly clever and your spectators never ever see what's coming!
It fooled me badly and I know I will be using it for years to come!" Jamie Daws
From the creator of the best selling CineMental comes Zener Match one of the best version of the ESP match up we have ever seen!
ESP match up effects are a firm favourite with both magicians and mentalists.Nikolas has taken this plot are turned it on its head. Giving you a brand new take on this classic plot.  Add to this ideas and tips by Peter Nardi, Marc Spelmann, Mick Wilson and Jamie Daws and you know you have a winner.

When I received the prototype I performed Zener Match over Zoom to Marc, Mick, Jamie and John Carey and fooled each and everyone one of them!  

Everyone fell in love with the super sneaky concept and wanted to get involved in the project excitedly sharing ideas and tips. Peter Nardi

When you purchase Zener Match you will receive the custom designed Zener Match deck (which has a beautiful aged look) and full video instructions.

Zener Match is super easy to perform and will become your ESP routine of choice! 

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Customer Reviews

Steve Black

Bought the pro size in both decks and am really pleased that I did. It may sound odd but because they are larger than standard card stock it feels different to a 'card'effect. Professional !! The effect is beautifully thought out and developed by the Alakazam team. Mr Nardi is superb at assessing an idea and turning it in to worker. Recommended !!

Stephane Schoetens

WAAAUUUWWWWHHHH !!!! These 'Zener Match' cards are magnificent. Nicely aged, with faded colors and a nice feeling. They handle very well and will lost a lifetime if take care off. The box is very sturdy and authentic looking. The effect, matching two sets of 5 ESP cards with each other, is great and sure fire... ALWAYS a great match, that will surprise and delight the spectator that will look at you if you were a professional mentalist. It is no secret that these cards are marked on their backs. BUT, did you know ( just like the 'Zener Cards') that these 'Zener Match' cards are also marked on their faces ?!? This is very convenient when you hold them face up and want to lay them 'easily readable' face down on the table. Should some still land the wrong way on the table, here is an easy way to read them quickly: read the back of the card on the table as per normal and subtract the found figure from SIX... Those who own the 'Zener Match' and 'Zener Cards' will figure out... ;) The detailed video download that comes with this trick is well made and very greatly filmed and is very instructively explained. ( a lot of bonuses) Peter Nardy, the Dark Wizard, and his team did it again. TOP !!!!! Great price-value product. I am really very pleased with my 'Zener Cards' and advice you all to buy some before they are gone ! TOP DEAL !!!!! ***** The magic is still out there...

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