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Zener Murders By Jamie Daws (Dark Series no4)

Zener Murders By Jamie Daws (Dark Series no4)

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In 1935, the Institute of Parapsycology at Duke University was the centre of a series of horrendous and haunting murders. Known as the ‘Zener Murders’, the killer would allow the victim one chance to prove their psychic ability was real. If they failed, they would be murdered where they stood. If they proved they were psychic, they would live to see another day. 
The murders are still unsolved but one of the only pieces of evidence is now in your possession. Some people thought it was Dr Zener's wife who killed the psychics. During the experiments, Zener and his wife split due to his obsession with his work. Zener's wife thought that if she could destroy his work (the psychics) then they would get back together. 

Some believe it was the other members of the United Psychic's Guild who felt as though their organisation had been made a laughing stock. These 10 people were found to NOT have psychic ability whereas they believed theirs was a real ability. 

Some thought it was Dr Rhine and during his pursuit to prove psychics weren't real, he in-fact discovered they were. It drove him insane and he killed them. 

I guess, we will never know...

The Zener Murderer would give everyone the same chance before he killed them. If they could prove they were really psychic, he would let them live. If not, he would kill them instantly. 
Give your spectators the same chance the Zener Murderer gave his victims and let them see if they would have lived or died. Then, when they think it is all over, hit them with a chilling kicker and leave them questioning their own abilities. This is a pack small, plays huge piece of bizarre magic that is direct, clean and baffling! The props have been custom designed to Jamies original specification meaning, this is show-stopping spooky piece of bizarre. 

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Customer Reviews

Ian Bellshaw

I'm a fan of Jamie's effects - hence the purchase. However, whilst the method is not overly complicated the tutorial managed to make it appear much more difficult. Not what I could call a professional tutorial and certainly not as slick as the promo. A particular query I have is... What possible explanation can be given for the magician to scoop and plop (!!) some of the cards after maybe 2, 3, or 4 of the spectators cards being put down? That is not a natural move in the midst of the effect. When I tried this out the spectator immediately asked, Why have you done that? I will persevere, but have to say slightly disappointed.

Darren Bane

It feels like we've waited a long time for the latest - and fourth - entry into the Dark Series. But it's worth the wait. The props are the usual high quality we've all come to expect from a Jamie Daws effect. The tutorial begins with a warning that it might take a while to get your head around the method, but personally speaking, I found the tutorial easy to follow (and even to chant along with! Scoops, plops and all!). Pay attention the tutorial and it should, in my humble (and I'm speaking as a hobbyist, not a performing professional) opinion, it should be fairly easy to pick up the principle and be able to perform. Pretty much every outcome is covered in the thorough tutorial. A welcome - and worthy - addition to the outstanding Dark Series.

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