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Zoltars Opener By Peter Nardi

Zoltars Opener By Peter Nardi

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Zoltar’s Opener

12 years ago I set myself the task of developing a quick, sure fire, high impact effect for my mix and mingle performances. I was looking for an alternative to the Invisible Deck (which I used as part of a larger routine at tables) I created an effect which I performed for many years and because of the reactions it soon became my opening piece. It really ticks all the boxes.

In 2018 I had a new presentation idea which was fun and I believe took the effect to a new level.

Zoltar’s Opener was never designed to be a magician fooler (even though it does fool a lot of magicians!) it was designed as a worker. The method is simple, yet sound, the presentation and story are fun and it may be performed in less than a minute (if required) or if you’re like me you will build it up to a 2 -3 minute effect with patter.

Everything about this effect pleases me. The story the method and most importantly the impact it has on my spectators.

Zoltar’s opener is also perfect to perform over Zoom.

Comes complete with custom designed deck and tuck case 

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Customer Reviews

Kyden Francois

WOW! This trick has such a great effect and is just so easy to do. Definitely would recommend to magicians who want something that is quick and easy but still amazes people when shown.

Mick Wilson

Absolutely adore this effect, have done from the moment Peter first showed me it. I perform it with the music from the movie and I don’t say a word, the gorgeous card box and deck do all the talking. An outstanding opener!!

Mike Kent

Terrific! Unlikely to be a magician fooler as it's based on an old principle, but everybody I've shown it to has loved it. Another Nardi winner. Beautifully made box and cards. Dead easy to perform. Often the simplest things are the best... like Around The World, another brilliantly easy but stunning effect. Highly recommended.

Andrew Ace

Wowed!! Outstanding , Peter has done it once again. Most magicians will know what’s going on and as Peter says this was never made to be a magician fooled but more of a worker. I recommend this so highly to beginners and professionals you can make it a trick in a minute or two or you can make it a 15 minute act and combined it with some other mystic psychic mind reading mentalism with color changing cards. It’s so great to reset it literally does it it’s self this is so self working that for me usually takes me a week to really get down some thing I’m working on and this didn’t even make me have to watch it twice just one time of a 15 minute download. There might be more content to come as Peter said, I don’t know when this released but if you were on the email trail you probably got this from there, or if you’re in that neck of the woods in person. It’s made its way to New York in the USA to me and I cannot wait to slay mines and fry people with such a different twist that it really starts with the box and the box does all the talking it’s worth doing some research if you want to make this a little more knowledgeable of Zoltar or you can just make some thing up anyway do you know anyone will believe your patter should you do it well! Add this to your cart! Don’t wait this is too great and such a great thing to carry around especially if you love mentalism with a little bit of Bizzarre/mysticism. Welcome to the ultimate psychic deck of cards what is a classic spin on some methods that Peter puts into one. Look no further! Alakazam is the best in the industry and will never steer you wrong. Stay Magical A.A.

Richard Groom

A nice trick with a great hook. Iconic imagery that grabs any fans of a certain film. I love the way you walk around the box as part of the reveal... Something a bit different and who doesn't want that.

Roy Smith

Engageing indentifed thought of card with a fantaastic twist and theme. Good fun to perform, allows for a good story line to spark folks imagination. Can be performing in 5 mins.

G Bairstow

I absolutely love this effect. I am 80years so not performed it yet because of coronavirus. . But I have performed it for my family & the reactions I received were tremendous, just simply brilliant. I have added a few things.... On the face of the Joker & Code card, explaining the story of the movie Big. Also on my phone I run a 30second trailer for those who have not seen the movie. You can have loads of fun with the story of BIG & Zoltar. So Peter, thank you very much for creating such a fantastic story.

Michael Ianneo

This deck is amazing! It seems like recently been adding to my “any card” deck collection like the ever so classic invisible deck and Zoltar’s Ooener hits every mark. This has comedy, nostalgia, mystery and magic. Peter has shared his nostalgic story about one of my favorite 80s movie “BIG”. Truly the best part of the movie was Zoltar. Now I have a story I can tell in a perfectly made tuck box that tells the story and adds some comedy and mystery. Yes, if you found this hidden gem. Buy it now. I’m planning to have lots of fun performing this trick.

Andrew McCrory

This effect is incredible! It's simple but packs a big visual punch. The reset is instant and the reactions i have got so far have been amazing! The story and presentation instantly grabs attention and the effect almost performs itself! A great addition to my magic and highly reccomended!

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