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This is awesome. The spectator is convinced they are making a free, random, choice, relying on their "feelings" or sixth sense or whatever. But thanks to a short but very clear DVD instruction, the performer is in complete control. Easy to do, extremely effective - a great illusion.
Darren Bane
P.s....lovecraft is superb and is priceless wow!
Dean Humpage
What a massive impact for such a little book. A great easy to do mind reading, I used this within a few days of purchasing it and it was the talk of the night. I will always have this in my pocket. A must for every magician!
Steve Roberts
This is everything Dave wanted it to be, absolute visual eye candy. Performed it within an hour to a group of people and still deafened by the screams. Just moved straight to the top of strolling act. Thank you and keep them coming!!!
Michael Sturman
Gentleman Jack Wallet is a high quality real leather switching wallet. The design of the hip wallet makes the switch very easy and natural looking. You will come up with endless ideas to perform great magic with this wallet.
Chris Wild
What an exellent , presentation and idea , I've been studying mentalism for 40 years .This is fresh and knew , and had me baffled until I purchased it, easy to perform but right up theŕe now in my top effects .
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