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Fantastic trick. Very simple to do. Booktest thrown in as a bonus. Superb value. DVD well presented and well explained. Very happy with my purchase and can perform within 10 minutes of opening.
Alan Rogers
Proteus is a thing of absolute beauty. It is not just an effect but a dynamic strategy. An approach that can be shaped and built on to suit your needs. And you should shape it and work on it. This will involve you working to get really good at it and it will be worth it.

I had the fortune to speak with Phedon and have the effect demonstrated in person over a video call. Such a great gift. He showed me how he has invisibly embedded the work of this piece into a delivery that makes it feel incredibly clean. I wish I could say more but I don't want to give anything away.

I heard some criticism from certain people and I really have to wonder what these guys are on and what they are looking for. Anyone with a brain will totally love this.
Edward Phillips
This is my type of mentalism! Straight forward and packs a punch! Absolutely brilliant and practically self working which means you can concentrate on your performance.
Highly Recommend
Steve Dela
Steve Dela
This is awesome. The spectator is convinced they are making a free, random, choice, relying on their "feelings" or sixth sense or whatever. But thanks to a short but very clear DVD instruction, the performer is in complete control. Easy to do, extremely effective - a great illusion.
Darren Bane
What an exellent , presentation and idea , I've been studying mentalism for 40 years .This is fresh and knew , and had me baffled until I purchased it, easy to perform but right up theŕe now in my top effects .
Wow. Beautifully made, this is a stunning piece. The method is both very simple, yet very clever and, more importantly, extremely convincing. The Wedding is a most engaging piece which is well worth the investment. Get one while you still have chance; I saw a true jaw dropping reaction from my text audience. And that makes this worth every single penny.
Dazza B
Mount Olympus has cast down a mighty wallet!!!
Well, at last a normal looking change/ switch/add on type wallet where the 'dirty stuff' just happens almost naturally. Unique in terms of wallets.
The possibility of fast and entertaining effects has at last 'come out to play'.
I hope the ensuing effects are not long winded and dull in presentation. This wallet deserves novel and imaginative handlings.
I can't wait to see a version of 'add a number' for a one to one presentation. That would be a demanding test???
Dr..Mike Highton
A flawlessly made gimmick with routines on a dvd with the usual high quality filming you've come to expect from Alakazam. The handling is super simple and the gimmick easily controlled, this could remain in play or discreetly added to the deck.
Not something I would use all the time but a nice piece of comedy and a good way transition a set from cards to coins
What a massive impact for such a little book. A great easy to do mind reading, I used this within a few days of purchasing it and it was the talk of the night. I will always have this in my pocket. A must for every magician!
Steve Roberts
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