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OMG!!! This is so good! Something you'll always want to carry around with you.

I held back on this to see some reviews, and I've not found any negative comments. So I bought it and I'm so pleased I did.

It's everything you've heard and more.

I bought the red gimmick and I'm going to buy the blue one too.

Seriously, don't hesitate in getting this. The visuals are amazing.
So impressed with this that I had to come right online to recommend it. Paul Gordon's work is first class, production, sound, lighting, etc. are great. Wonderful value for the card magician, buy it!
Paul Watts
Very clever, yet simple method! The routines offered on the dvd are great. The ESP one being a particular favourite. But the beauty of Volition is that you can adapt it how ever you see fit!
Craig Morgan
Proteus is a thing of absolute beauty. It is not just an effect but a dynamic strategy. An approach that can be shaped and built on to suit your needs. And you should shape it and work on it. This will involve you working to get really good at it and it will be worth it.

I had the fortune to speak with Phedon and have the effect demonstrated in person over a video call. Such a great gift. He showed me how he has invisibly embedded the work of this piece into a delivery that makes it feel incredibly clean. I wish I could say more but I don't want to give anything away.

I heard some criticism from certain people and I really have to wonder what these guys are on and what they are looking for. Anyone with a brain will totally love this.
Edward Phillips
This is awesome. The spectator is convinced they are making a free, random, choice, relying on their "feelings" or sixth sense or whatever. But thanks to a short but very clear DVD instruction, the performer is in complete control. Easy to do, extremely effective - a great illusion.
Darren Bane
P.s....lovecraft is superb and is priceless wow!
Dean Humpage
    Dave Loosley Academy Live 21st March
    Join Dave Loosley With Alakazam Host Jamie Daws
    The Ultimate Sting By Paul Gordon
    Easy To Eye-Pooping Magic From Paul Gordon
    Mutation By Adam Cooper
    A Self Working Eye-Popping Colour Changing Deck
    Killer OMG By Paul Gordon
    A Quick Little effect thats easy to do. Perfect To Carry With You
    RPG Deck
    All We Can Say Is WOW This Is So Cool
    Alakazam Presents Symbol By Steve Cook
    Easy To Do, Hard Hitting And Fun. Get Yours Now
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