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What an exellent , presentation and idea , I've been studying mentalism for 40 years .This is fresh and knew , and had me baffled until I purchased it, easy to perform but right up theŕe now in my top effects .
What a massive impact for such a little book. A great easy to do mind reading, I used this within a few days of purchasing it and it was the talk of the night. I will always have this in my pocket. A must for every magician!
Steve Roberts
I love this so much, simple yet amazing to lay people,This is definitely a worker, I think the only downside is that there is no hole punch included, it could have easily been made better by adding one of those small punches that take no space in your pockets.
Otherwise It is a great product and will get great reactions from people, and more importantly it ends up clean.
Anthony Anderson
This a superb effect with a fantastic gimmick both in terms of thinking and construction.The instruction is great and the routines clever.The view of the indexes is small but does NOT detract because in a closeup situation people will not notice because the narrative is consistent.An excellent Alakazam release,yet again!! Well done Dave!
Steve Black
I first tried Proteus on myself using the book... OMG The book told me what I was thinking of.

I have had Proteus for 2 days and already performed it on 4 amazed clients.

It is a joy to perform and not at all difficult to learn. Phedon is a genius. I can not wait until his next release because I will snap it up
John Kubiszewski
Honestly, Paul Gordon is the best. He's a great magician, really funny and a top teacher. Quidnunc Plus and Gold Dust Live are the best magic DVDs out there.
Don Peters
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