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Charades By Dan Ives

Charades By Dan Ives

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Do you want a brilliant mindreading effect that is easy to do?

Are you looking for an amazing piece of Mentalism that is not only entertaining BUT is totally fooling?

Need a super cool deck that allows you to do a myriad of different effects?

Then Charades is the Alakazam release for you.

Dan Ive’s brilliant Charades allows you to cleanly read your spectator’s minds in a multitude of different ways (can be used with one or more spectators) and is perfect for those who want to perform strong magic and Mentalism. You receive a custom printed deck as well as a tonne of great ideas that you will use.

Dan has designed the Charades deck to look and feel exactly as it would if you were to purchase it as a game from the local toy store and yet you can actually play Charades with this deck and beat everyone (if you fancy being a little sneaky)

Using cards other than playing cards really opens up the presentational possibilities allowing you to create interesting situations and moments that feel like real mind reading!  

Charades is perfect for all performing situations close-up, Parlour and stage!

Charades truly packs small but plays BIG and get this, there is ZERO memory work involved!

Perform one on one or use multiple spectators to create and amazing piece of group mind reading.

Charades comes complete with custom designed and manufactured Charades deck and online video training videos

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Customer Reviews

Van Tuan Tran

This is an awesome piece of magic that you can also just use to play charades!

Steve Black

I was really looking forward to this release because it has a different premise AKA The Gallery and it does not disappoint. It is also refreshing to see a new creator bring a product to market. Dan has created an entertaining deck with some very clever ideas. The instructional download is over 1hr 30min with the promise of many more FOC routines to follow. Peter brings his creative mind to the party with some excellent ideas. The card stock is of the highest quality. Another excellent Alakazam product !! Highly recommended.

Mick Wilson

I've loved this concept since Dan first shared the initial idea with me and I'm overjoyed that it is now published. I've just ordered them this morning so don't even have the cards in my possession. Thanks to the instructions being loaded into your account immediately, I have watched them and within the first 20 minutes of viewing the video my brain was buzzing with excitement and plenty of seeds of ideas sprouting, 2 of which I have shared with Peter already. Utility deck is what it is described as and it certainly is that! The routines included within the instructions are more than enough to get you started and will hopefully inspire you as much as it did me. Roll on delivery day!

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