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One More Thing- The Chris Congreave Academy 4th August 2021 7pm UK Time BST

One More Thing-  The Chris Congreave Academy 4th August 2021 7pm UK Time BST
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This Academy airs Wednesday 4th August 2021 at 7pm UK time (BST). Please make sure to be logged in to your account when ordering. Please note as this is a live event, items and dates may be subject to change and maybe outside of our control. For further details about accessing Academy videos, please check out the How To Video below.

One more thing – An academy by Chris Congreave

Chris Congreave joins us again for another awesome academy full of commercial workers that are sure to amaze. This academy will be check full of ideas that Chris will be sharing with you some of which have never been shared before! Amongst the items Chris will cover includes;


Drawn – A perfect opening trick that leaves the spectator with a fantastic souvenir 

Stop and think – A mentalism card routine that is EASY and impressive, totally hands off so also perfect for zoom shows/conference calls etc

Stickman Stan – A super commercial stickman routine that looks impossible, great souvenir for young and old alike! 

*CAAAN – A really easy and impossible looking card at number with a plot twist at the end. This WILL fool you 

Thanks to Dave – A super commercial routine where a torn up card is the prediction, and it’s wrong, so you change it to the spectator’s card, one piece at a time! 

Gambit – A great routine using a "Unique” prop that you will already own. 

Lucky Card – A brilliant card routine that will get the table’s interest and they will be asking you to perform! 

*Double CTW – 2 signed cards are in the performers wallet that was on the table the whole time, no palming! 

*Coin prediction 2.0 – a brilliant prediction routine using imaginary coins, and a coin gaff that you will already have.

 *Red/Blue prediction – A written prediction is shown to match a selected card, then the writing visibly changes into a previously thought of card. 

*You must be f****ng Joking – 2 Blue backed jokers change colour and predict a selected card, then one of them becomes the selected card. 

*Another bloody CTW – A card is signed, and returned to the deck, wouldn’t it be amazing if the signed card were in the wallet? You take out the wallet and the card is signed, by the performer… say that you will make it change visibly, but nothing changes…..or does it? The performers signature changes into a message revealing the whereabouts of the signed card. 

*Holy prediction – A hole is punched on your business card exactly where the spectator says. You turn over the card and there is an arrow pointing at the hole. Turns your business card into an impossible souvenir that they will want to keep and show all of their friends! 

*Future City – A new effect by Gary Jones, that really does look impossible 

*Futurama – A practically self-working mental miracle 2 card prediction. 


*Previously unpublished will appear in Chris and Gary Jones next book

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