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One More Thing The Chris Congreave Academy Instant Download

One More Thing The Chris Congreave Academy Instant Download

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One more thing – An academy by Chris Congreave

Chris Congreave joins us again for another awesome academy full of commercial workers that are sure to amaze. This academy will be check full of ideas that Chris will be sharing with you some of which have never been shared before! Amongst the items Chris will cover includes;


Drawn – A perfect opening trick that leaves the spectator with a fantastic souvenir 

Stop and think – A mentalism card routine that is EASY and impressive, totally hands off so also perfect for zoom shows/conference calls etc

Stickman Stan – A super commercial stickman routine that looks impossible, great souvenir for young and old alike! 

Thanks to Dave – A super commercial routine where a torn up card is the prediction, and it’s wrong, so you change it to the spectator’s card, one piece at a time! 

*Double CTW – 2 signed cards are in the performers wallet that was on the table the whole time, no palming! 

*Coin prediction 2.0 – a brilliant prediction routine using imaginary coins, and a coin gaff that you will already have.

*Another bloody CTW – A card is signed, and returned to the deck, wouldn’t it be amazing if the signed card were in the wallet? You take out the wallet and the card is signed, by the performer… say that you will make it change visibly, but nothing changes…..or does it? The performers signature changes into a message revealing the whereabouts of the signed card. 

*Holy prediction – A hole is punched on your business card exactly where the spectator says. You turn over the card and there is an arrow pointing at the hole. Turns your business card into an impossible souvenir that they will want to keep and show all of their friends! 

*Future City – A new effect by Gary Jones, that really does look impossible 

*Futurama – A practically self-working mental miracle 2 card prediction. 

Plus so much more!!


*Previously unpublished will appear in Chris and Gary Jones next book

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Customer Reviews


Bought this and only 2 routines in already feel it was worth every penny. Really clear instructions on how to do them, and very well taught. Thanks To Dave or Stickman Stan have got to be my favourite, but all of it is brilliant material.

John Wenberg

Thirteen effects thoroughly taught, along with some forces. Fresh takes on some classic effects. All very direct, and relatively easy to do. I especially enjoyed the CTW section. You'll end up trying out a lot of this stuff.

Philip Phillips

Thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed. I can only congReAVE about this lecture!

Steve Lewis

If you are looking for one trick worth the price of this academy then you won't get one. You will get loads! Excellent academy.

Andrew Kean

This is a fantastic commercial lecture. Thanks Chris

Steve Weeks

I always enjoy Chris's material this lecture was fantastic, my favorites include Thanks to Dave, Coin Prediction, His Lie Detector Test and Stickman Stan...very usable material, presented by a top notch magician!

Stephan Radoch

You know this collections where you maybe try half of the tricks and do one or two regularly? In this you get a bunch of tricks you all can do very easily and with only a little effort on your side. You mostly need some double facers and blank cards. The most effort you want to put in is to grind of one side of a coin. Highly recommend it.

Michael Hernandezpeterson

Several excellent workers in the academy, including an amazing card opener and a torn card transposition! Those two are worth the price, plus several great effects with perfect giveaways. Finally, you'll discover a "hole" new way to pass out your business card!

Neil Hutchinson

Highly commercial, easy to learn easy to perform, real foolers which do not need any expensive gimmicks, good solid magic that will fly at any type of performance. Just buy it as it will pay your wages for many performances and will also give you some great impromptu just from your wallet ideas!

Andrew London

always expect a great Academy, but this one was so cleaver and so many useable effects. I am putting two of them immediately into my routine. Doesn't disappoint. Thanks for the great job. Looking forward to getting the book

Leonard Lutz

This Academy has a LOT of material which is very commercial and useful! Lots of great thinking behind these many effects! Highly recommended. I know I'll be referring back to this again and again!

Philip Coulson

Brilliant academy! So much usable workable material. Will use some of the things you have in your cupboards. Can't wait to try out some of the effects.

Sandy Wilson

Another fantastic Academy course from Chris Congreave. Plenty of material, all of which is practical and workable in the real world. As typical for Chris, routines are cleverly thought out and expertly taught, with some fantastic bits of business thrown in. Great mix of different types of magic, and it's also nice to see more use of the overhead camera - it's so much easier to learn when you see things from your point of view, so you don't have to reverse everything in your head. All in all highly recommended.

Alexander Ross

I have watched many of the Chris Congreave Academies and everyone of them are very good! However, I have to say in my personal opinion, that each one gets better than the the one before and this Academy in no exception in fact it is fantastic and so worth watching.

Roy Smith

Great light hearted academy full of working effects. Chris's delivery and teaching is very natural and good fun, easy to follow. At least 3 or 4 effects I can use straight away.

Paul Morley

I already have commercial killers one and two by chris and this follow up one last thing is great. Full of new working material and great advice a must buy

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