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Executive Suite Las Vegas Edition By David Minton And Alakazam Magic


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This new Las Vegas edition is in stock now!!

Executive Suite By David Minton is a pack small, play big mentalism effect with a great theme.

A prediction is placed out in full view before your spectator is shown 6 or 7 coloured envelopes, each of the envelopes contains a room key card to a hotel each from a different country. 

Your spectator is given a free choice of any envelope (there is no force or equivoque of any kind used) 

The key card from their Envelope is removed, shown and placed to one side (there is only one card in each envelope) All the other envelopes are now emptied to show each one contains a key from a different hotel and all key cards colour match their own envelope.  Your spectator now opens your prediction and it’s a perfect match!

Executive Suite is a powerful stand alone routine but can easily be incorporated in to a larger routine.  There is no sleight of hand needed and nothing is added or taken away.

This really is super clean allowing you to concentrate on your presentation.

Executive Suite Comes Complete With 

Custom Designed High Quality Hotel Key Cards   

Two Bonus (Humorous) Key Cards 

Two Sets Of Coloured Envelopes

Custom Design Reveal Postcard

Full tutorial Video

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Customer Reviews

Yoosik Ethan Oum

I performed this on Zoom and even my magician friend was fooled, so that says something. The props look great and it’s fun to do and watch. My only complaint with the Vegas version is that I was expecting all the cards to be from Vegas hotels, but only the reveal was. All Vegas hotels would’ve worked better for me, but overall, great routine.


The first moment I received the product I was little worry that because of the method behind, a lot of people would have been not fooled at all. Than once I practiced enough, you maybe need 10 minutes and you are ready to go and I had my presentation down, I have to admit. Each times I perform, even online, the reactions are so strong. I always listen dealer say “ pack small and play big” this one doesn’t play big. It play huge!!! Don’t even doubt about it, purchase and combine it with other travel trick you have and you will blow a lot of mind away

Klas Larsson

One of the best... no, wait, let me rephrase that: THE BEST investment in an effect I’ve done in 2020! Did perform it today at a Covid-safe family event and IT DID KILL!! Sooo happy with this purchase / effect and so easy to setup and perform with huge impact! Well done.

Steve Blake

Highly Recommended, Easy to perform. Beautiful Printed Room Key Cards. 10/10

Graeme Fishwick

When I first saw this effect in the trailer my initial response was 'meh'. It did not appeal to me. I then learned that my good friends Mick Wilson and Michael Murray had a hand in the routine with additional hints and tips. I rang Mick and had a good chat with him regarding this effect and he sold me on it. I am pleased I did. This is one power house of a routine and so many different handlings and outcomes can be achieved. I was honestly thinking like a magician and was looking at it through my own eyes and not how a participant would see it. Magicians guilt as Mick said to me. This is devious. Well done to all involved. Highly recommended.

Tom Rolfe

A great routine with high quality props. Executive Suite is an illusion I plan to use on it’s own in connection with items such as MD Mini or BIP Book.

Dave Williams

Not very often am I blown away just by taking the product out of the box but Executive Suite did just that. AMAZING quality beautifully printed key cards and an effect that has so many possibilities. Best buy for a long time.

Paul Frost

The Alakazam team have done it again. From the packaging to the end of the effect this is just amazing. The packaging is fantastic, may be Alakazam’s best packaging to date. The effect is so so strong, but also, so so simple to perform, the props are first class and look just as they should do, just room key cards. As always, the tutorial video is also up there in first class , giving every detail needed to perform this like a pro as well as all the tips and presentations you could ever need 10/10.

Mick Wilson

Executive Suite is a superb effect, it ticks all the right boxes: engaging, easy to perform and garners astounding reactions. What’s more, the props are superb quality, but, that’s Alakazam for ya. I could accused of being biased though, as I have a routine included in the instructions. Believe me, that is testament to how inspiring Executive Suite is. Buy it, mould it to suite you (I did) then get out there and fry minds with it.

Thomas Ronda

This is "simply" one amazing effect. The amount of presentations and reveals are endless. Simple to do, but is still a real fooler. This is going straight into my act.

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