FOLDEROL by Spookys Magic

FOLDEROL by Spookys Magic

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'A clever card revelation is commercial magic, and FOLDEROL will put a smile on their faces' - David Regal


'Love this - especially the fact you can give them away at the end. Totally didn't see it coming. Buy one and perform it to all of your friends. Even your magician mates! Don't give it away to them at the end, of course. They'll nick it. Tell them to buy their own. Thieving bastards.' - Marc Kerstein


'A great little memento for guests as it leaves them to relive the magic themselves' - Tom Elderfield


A card is picked, and one doodle, in view from the beginning, magically transforms into the face of a cartoon assistant, before transforming ONCE MORE into a drawing of the selected card!


Inspired by the work of Sid Lorraine, FOLDEROL utilises origami to reveal the spectator’s card in a fun, memorable way.


FOLDEROL comes with 50 sheets to be reused, recycled, or given away as a unique gift, as well as an easy to follow instructional video, teaching you the basic folds, followed by an simple way to personalise the trick with a custom message.

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