Joel Dickinson Magic Course Instant Download

Joel Dickinson Magic Course Instant Download

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Joel Dickinson has made his career for almost twenty years as a full time magician.

Joel fuses magic and mentalism. He has two aims when performing. The first being to deliver a memorable magic experience that people will talk about. Two, get booked again.

Within this course Joel will be sharing a selection of high impact magic and mentalism from his working repertoire.

You will also learn a selection of useful sleights, controls, techniques and additional bits of theory and advice to turn your tricks in to magic.

You introduce a dice (die) to your participant. They roll it and lock their freely rolled number in mind (no force).
You then reveal the number your participant rolled and then a specific thing they are thinking of.

Sorry I should have explained something, it's the best bit... the dice they rolled doesn't actually exist. It happened in their mind.

You have seen electronic dice right? Well this dice is rolled in your participants mind and you know the number.

Theres no mathematics, no one ahead and no long winded procedures.

Volition has taken the free will plot to another level.Not only will you see full performances but also learn the nuances that make Volition a solid routine.

A multi phase rubber band routine that gets big reactions. Bands pass through bands, vanish in peoples hands and reappear in impossible locations. Finally the bands link & unlink, it looks like trick photography.

FOUR IS A PARTYFour facedown prediction cards are placed on the table. Four people pick a card and return them to the deck.The deck is instantly spread face up and each selection has vanished from the deck. The four face down predictions are turned over and revealed to be the spectators selections. Sound good so far, there’s an extra kick, just wait till you see it.

Making a debut to the magic community, Joels chop cup routine hits hard and it has been his reputation maker for years. The ending is so strong your spectators will talk about this for a long time after.

Joels simple and deceptive card to impossible location will cost you nothing more than a box of matches.

A colour change that happens with just a spin of the deck.

This colour change gets reactions and it is easy to master. Baffling yet amazing.

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Customer Reviews

Alexander Ross

Joel's presentation just gets better and better :-)

Sean Mann

Another great Academy from the Alakazam guys. Joel's creativity and thinking is second to none. There are so many workable routines in this Academy your bound to find something that you will use. Some great performance tips from Joel as well.

Alexander Ross

Joel Dickinson's Academy is great! I will have to watch the download again to get all of the points I missed. It will be very much worth it !!!!!!!

Richard Groom

Wow! This Academy is great. Joel is such a nice guy and engaging performer and he is giving away the veritable Crown Jewels here. A tonne of marketed effects in there amongst other really strong tricks. I have already got a couple in mind to take out for a spin. Top man, top effects...tip top Academy.

Alan Rogers

Big fan of Joels. Have Head Tricks which is full of Killer contest and this course does not disappoint. Great effects. Easy to do. Great thinking I will be frying a few with these. Alakazam delivers again. A great academy

Sam Wheeler

First half down and its off to a really good start! Joel seems like a genuinely nice guy, he is softly spoken and an excellent teacher. The performances are great, the effects are very simple and direct with some fascinating moments. The methods are interesting and generally seem fairly simple to perform. The teaching is perfectly clear and easy to follow. I've read some of these effects in Joel's work, and some of them I overlooked as uninteresting to me. Its great to see them performed and realise that I misjudged them on my initial read through. I'll certainly be going back over those books.

Dean Odell

Iam a big fan of Joels work and this academy will not disappoint , lots of real workable material that you will use for both close up and parlour

Steve Black

Joel is a very engaging teacher and the routines are strong. Was really looking forward to this Academy and am not disappointed. Superb !! Production values fantastic as usual. I enjoy all of the Academies but much prefer non card material. Well done guys !!

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