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Measure For Measure by Iain Bailey is a powerful, funny and visual effect for Parlour, stage, close up or even social media performances.

With Measure For measure, there is nothing to secretly write on, nothing to secretly rub off Iain’s method is simple and direct, accurate and baffling.

Each Measure For Measure gimmick is handmade by Iain from a genuine Stanley tape measure so you know the quality will last you a lifetime.

With Measure For Measure you also receive the in depth tutorial download where Iain not only teaches the opener but a great fun routine where you not only predict a freely chosen spectators hight but also their name which is clearly written on the back of the tape measure!

You could also have your spectator mark any position on a wall (any distance they like from where you are standing) and when they put the tape measure to that exact distance you can clearly show you had predicted it ahead of time!

What Makes Measure For Measure so good!

The handmade gimmick is customisable to predict, a distance, a name, a word from a book, a phone number in fact anything you can imagine.

Measure For Measure can be used in any language

The prediction is large enough to be seen on stage

High quality gimmick

Measure For Measure can be performed anytime during your show and is ideal as a strong opening piece. 

Whether you choose perform Measure For Measure as a straight piece of mentalism, a compere bit, a comedy prediction or even as part of a larger routine I guarantee you will perform it!   
Everything you need to perform it is included in the box, INCLUDING the GENUINE STANLEY TAPE MEASURE! 
* Check out the Craig Petty Review video below

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Wayne Goodman

I love this, what a great idea and concept and so many applications compere kids show stage show quick trick close up comedy magic mentalism additional revelation to a bigger routine stand alone effect this is such a great effect and so clear and easy to use, easy to understand from the audience point of view and a prop that is instantly recognisable to anyone who see's it brilliant brilliant brillaint effect

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