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Alakazam Magic are one of the longest established magic companies in the UK and over the past two decades, we have grown to become to one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of magic in the world.

From our prompt delivery of orders to our knowledgeable technical advice and superior after sales care it’s no surprise that Alakazam Magic is now the first port of call for 1000’s of amateur and professional magicians the world over!!

Our friendly in-house team are always on hand to help.

Peter Nardi

Peter Nardi

Managing Director

Peter is the leader of the Alakazam team and a member of the Inner Magic Circle (with Gold Star) as well as a leading creator of unique magic and mentalism.

Due to his extensive knowledge and background in magic, Peter is approached by performers and television companies for advice and consultancy work on a regular basis.

As well as a magical performer and inventor, Peter is also well-known for his mentalism creations and performances, many of which are used by top professionals the world over.

Peter Nardi

Jenny Nardi

Customer Service Director

Jenny Nardi founded the company with Peter over twenty years ago. Jenny's managerial and organisation skills are key to keeping the smooth day to day running at Alakazam . Her favourite type of magic is comedy magic. Jenny says "if you can make me laugh you've won me over. I like quick and funny tricks. A couple of my favourites are The Tiny Plunger and What Your Future Holds. Also I love seeing people be fooled so my favourite trick to watch being demonstrated is Zenner Tech. Love it!"
When Jenny's not at Alakazam she can be found practicing yoga or gardening which she finds very therapeutic

Peter Nardi

Andy Smith

Business and Customer Service Manager 

Andy became interested in magic at the age of 10 when he was given the Mark Wilson Course in Magic as a birthday present. Andy found after a short while that it was the close-up and sleight-of-hand branch of magic that he was most drawn to, learning and absorbing everything he could from the writings of Erdnase, Vernon, Marlo and Jennings, and in later years that of Darwin Ortiz, David Roth, Michael Ammar and others.

Although still very much interested in close-up and magic in general, he has been drawn more towards gambling themed card performances and card cheating artifice of late. Andy is a member of the prestigious Magic Circle and is proud to be an Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star as well as a Member of Equity.

Andy's deep understanding and thoughtful interest in magic reflects in his work and he enjoys inventing, perfecting and also performing new and exciting magic for people everywhere

Peter Nardi

Dave Loosley

Sales & Wholesale Manager

Dave Loosley is an award winning magician and Associate of the Inner Magic Circle with silver star. Dave is known as a creative mind within the magic world. He Regularly performs cabaret and close up magic, as well as writing new material and scripts for his comedy double act.

Dave's magic is inspired by Penn and Teller, Mac King and The Amazing Jonathan to name but a few. As well as inventing and creating magic Dave lectures his own thoughts and creations to other magicians and magic clubs throughout the UK.

Peter Nardi

Harry Nardi (H)

PR and Marketing Manager

Harry joined the company as part of his apprenticeship in digital marketing. Since then he been a Britain's Got Talent 2019 finalist, winning his live semi final outright with his Group 4MG

He is also qualified personal trainer.

At Alakazam H heads up our marketing and social media.

Harry is also working magician, performing at private and corporate functions.

Peter Nardi

Louise Bowman

Accounts Manager

Louise has been with Alakazam for over 5 years, where she handles all the day to day accounts.

Lousie is a member of the institute of book keepers.

Peter Nardi

Clair Emmanuel

Product Manufacturing

Alakazam are one of the leading manufacturers of unique magic in the world today and our product range is extensive.

Keeping to product release dates, customer orders and wholesale demands of new products would not be possible without our dedicated manufacturing department.

Clair works extensively to ensure that all your favourite Alakazam products are always available on time and of the highest quality.

Peter Nardi

Chris Harding

Sales, PR & Promotions

Chris has been working at Alakazam for almost a decade and in that time has not only developed a vast knowledge of the magic marketplace but also honed his skill and talents as a performer. In 2002, guided and mentored by Peter, his act won the Young Magician’s Club 1st Place Trophy at the Magic Circle J-Day close-up competition.

Since then Chris has continued to craft a successful; career in magic – his time split between working at Alakazam and performing close up magic throughout the country at many different types of event and venues, including Simon Drake’s fantastic House of Magic in London.

Peter Nardi

Ade Gower


Alakazam are renowned the world over for being a leading force in pushing the boundaries when it comes to distinctive and creative magic packaging.

This is, in no small part, due to the superb talent of Ade Gower at Monster Creations. Ade’s highly creative and professional designs have kept Alakazam products at the top of the list when it comes to unique design and product packaging.

Peter Nardi


New effect creation and development

Moz has a long time association with Alakazam and is the creater of many effects including the best selling Cobra Sharpie and Decisions.

Moz's magical knowledge and trick construction skills make him a very valuable addition to The Alakazam team.

Peter Nardi


Food Locator

My favourite parts of the day are when Perry our postman or Bob our UPS man come in.

They always have treats for me! Other then that I sleep a lot.