357 by Tom Lauten and Inner Mind Productions

357 by Tom Lauten and Inner Mind Productions

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With 357 you will be able to display true test conditions for a close up performance piece that is as direct as it is astonishing.

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Customer Reviews

Geoff Aitken

One of the best effects that I have ever brought. I routinely lay money down to add spice to the performance. I leaves the audience totally baffled and astonished.

Jannis Keller

This is one of the cleanest effects ever!! There is no chance to figure out how it works!! It is strong and can be fun at the same time!! But only get this when you are good in presantation....

Steven Conlon

Fabulously subtle principle. Easy to do. They'll never, ever workit out. Best trick I have bought in years.

Andrew Thornton

I really didn't have a clue about this one - it fried me. Really easy to do - which suprised me because of just how subtle the method is. This is definately the best close up mentalism trick i've got in a long time. Brilliant.

Luke Murray

The best trick I have ever got from Alakazam, and I've bought a few. Such a great trick, you will never get wrong, which you can do in fifteen seconds or build up to a ten minute routine.rnThis trick astonished people more than any other I have bought.

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