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Live Online Magic Course With Paul Gordon 24th Jan 2018

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The Alakazam Academy is a live interactive course which is streamed directly into your Alakazam Account. You can sign in live to learn magic, ask questions and be part of our growing online magic community.  The Alakazam Online Magic Academy has been designed to deliver these magic lessons in a fun, relax, friendly and interactive way.  By signing up to an Academy course you will experience the best in magic learning!

Paul Gordon has always been a firm favourite with the Alakazam team and we are really pleased to announce Paul will be giving his first Alakazam Academy Course. The Killer Card Workers course is full of just that Killer Card Workers! 

Paul has been a professional magician for many years and he only performs card tricks, yes only card tricks!  Pauls tricks are as entertaining as they are fooling.  This is going to be a brilliant course, donít miss it!  

1.       Worker Supreme. A card transposition with chosen card to pocket surprise!

2.       Head To Head Poker. Often heralded as the BEST head to head poker ever. Includes lots of PG Tips and extras.

3.       Six-Card Brainwave. Pocket packet trick with lots of unpublished PG Tips & extras.

4.       Middle Earth. This is a KILLER sandwich effect youíll USE ... a LOT!

5.       Tally-Ho Simplified. A cardcase novelty thatís self-working and fun.

6.       Ace In The Hole and Ace In The Hole Plus! An in-the-hands Ace effect with lots of PG extras!

7.       Near-Perfect Gemini. Four Aces find four selections...or four Queens find four Kings. Either way..itís a self-worker...and strong!

8.       Tenkai Sandwich. It LOOKS like "TriumphĒ but itís really easy!

9.       Mirror-Skill. Remember Miraskill? This is a darned sneaky handling youíll love!

10.   Killer Mystery Card. Wannaí be cured of palming worries. This KILLER will do it for you.

11.   Thatís Odd. This self-working utilitarian effect was a powerhouse finale at trade shows. It can be done close-up and for kids parties!

12.   Thoughts On The Clock Trick. This adds SO MUCH more to the old clock trick. Itíll fool all those who know the original...and itís EASY.

13.   The Eight Of Diamonds Trick/Unfathomable Location. One you may know, the second you might not. Either way Ė both are self-working jaw-droppers!

14.   Shocked Aces. Two selections twinned with an Ace routine. Easy but AWESOME!

15., sleights, presentation, fact, ANYTHING you want to know Paul will answer. 

Canít make the date or time?  Donít worry, the course will be saved into your account for you to watch or download.

**Please note due to the live nature of our courses the syllabus and or dates may be subject to change without prior notification

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Customer Reviews

Steve Black
I have said this every week so far however it is true !! Paul is an excellent teacher and the material superb. The tips and presentational ideas are superb and worth the price of the course,but the main point is Paul's enthusiasm for his subject inspires me to learn & persevere with card magic and become more proficient, Just fantastic !!!!!! The sound and camera angles and interaction work seamlessly. Well done Peter and the team !!!
Warren Tredaway
A top lecture by Paul upbeat, funny and packed with material you will actually use and why do i say that... because some of the effects taught i've been using for years and they always gets great reactions
Richard Groom
I love this format. Each explanation is given time to breathe; tips, jokes and nuggets of experience all brilliantly woven together. Paul is a great teacher and a fount of knowledge...workerís knowledge. I love this course and it teaches my all time favourite card it must be good.
Brian Stewart
Paul Gordon is an exceptional magician with a laid back funny performance style. His teaching is just as good being clear and concise. Paul not only makes it look easy, but finds the easier ways of doing things that all makes sense and leads to a far stronger captivating performance. His undoubted enthusiasm rubs off on everyone and leaves you desperate to get out and try his material. The Academy course is ideal in showing the greatest detail for his tricks and handling with multi angle cameras including the fabulous overhead shots. The Alakazam Online Academy really is one of the best ways of learning magic and performance skills.
Steve Hansey
WOW! Really enjoying tonights course. So much information and advice. Lots of tricks and techniques to learn, all presented in an easy going, light hearted way. This is a course to go back to again and again. Paul Gordon is a great card magician. See him live if you can! Definitely see this course, you'll learn so much! The production from the people at Alakazam is top notch as always, well worth the price and more!
Kevin Bowman
Paul's Academy Course is superb. Excellent material, presentation and great tip ideas and a fun evening. Loved his joke about the couple. Paul is a superb teacher and goes in depth into the tricks and presentation. The format of presenting the tricks live to an audience and then going into the studio for the explanations is a really good idea Peter.
Mark Call
You could throw away all the effects and routines and still get MORE than your money worth with Paul's NUANCES ALONE! This is why the Academy is absolutely the BEST WAY to learn magic..... you hear all the subtleties and 'nuances' or preforming!

You truly feel like you are in the room and being taught one on one YET have your mates to chat with in the awesome virtual class room!

Paul is a pure CLASS ACT!
Larry Hill
Absolutely BRILLIANT - Paul is a Workers dream - No knuckle busters so you can put more into your presentation. Seeing the magic presented to an audience first, then in lecture mode is GREAT. GOBSMACKING WONDERFUL.


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