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Rhines Revenge By Clint Barron

Rhines Revenge By Clint Barron

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Clint Barron's Rhine's Revenge is one of the cleanest, fairest ESP tests we have ever seen! Rhine's Revenge has been Clint's go to effect for many years and finally he's agreed to share it.
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Customer Reviews

Mike Kent

I love this trick. A really beautifully thought out routine that is quick to learn but really screws with people's minds. Worth every penny.


This might be a simple idea and use an old principle but like all simple ideas its about presentation. With the right presentation this really plays with lay peoples minds and gets great reactions. recommended.

Xavier Serra

Honestly, I do not consider Rhine's Revenge an effect worth a single DVD. Both, the material used and the technique employed are so common that there is not anything new in the presentation. It is an effect that would easily be part of a book or DVD among many other effects. Not brilliant...

Alan Lycett

Thanks for your usual instant dispatch A few days earlier before Alakazam announced RHINES REVENGE had just purchased my first ever set of ESP cards BEYOND ESP (see my review) inspired by LOOCH. Just had to get this and to be honest it is a brilliant routine, it will always be correct, you can even JAZZ this in the style of Joe Barry and it will always match. Also once you know the principle you can use it if you have numbered cards or cards with coloured symbols.So in the space of a week I have two fantastic ESP routines WAKE UP DR RHINES (LOOCH) RHINES REVENGE (CLINT) To recap Rhines Revenge Excellent DVD hosted by Messrs Barron/Nardi very well explained Brilliant routine You get the 10 bicycle cards required Excellent value for money Armed with my newly aqquired ESP skills just off to see James Randi and take his million dollars off him Will keep you posted Thankyou once again

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