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ID Named Card In Wallet By Steve Cook


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TOTALLY fooled me. Steve has Nailed the 'thought-of-card' in envelope plot. I can't wait to use it! "Liam Montier"

Brand new from Steve Cook come ID,

If you’re looking for a super strong opening effect your search is over!

ID is Steve take on the named card in wallet plot and is perfect for stage, parlour or close up.

ID will make the perfect opener for any show.

Image opening your wallet and clearly showing a bright red envelope sitting inside. You now have your spectators each take part in the process of creating a playing card. Once the value of the card has been decided upon you open your wallet, remove the envelope and from the envelope you remove just one card (back to the audience to build the suspense) now you slowly turn your card round to blow their minds!

ID works awesomely as a prediction effect or the spectator reads your mind type routine.

Everyone who knows Steve Cooks creations including the best-selling effect Symbol, Volition and The Stealth Case knows that Steve creates real world commercial workers we streamlined methods.

ID comes complete are ready to go with

Full Training DVD (Including additional routine Ideas)

High Grade Genuine Leather Wallet

Custom Made Gorgeous Red Tyvek Envelopes

Custom Ride Backed Bicycle Cards Printed By The USPCC

ID is super easy to do and is perfect as a stand along piece or mind reading or suggestion and can easily be used as part of a multiple reveal! 

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Customer Reviews

Anthony Owen

Another fantastic genius product from Steve Cook and Alakazam! Five stars!

Chris Lomas

I cant put into words just how great this is. I have preiviously used Mark Elsdons on the mark, and as great as it is, i didnt like the limitations on the reveal. This covers it perfectly in my opinion. I have started to use this as my day to day wallet just so i am always prepared for an effect if i get asked. Superb. Worth every penny!!

Eamon Doohan

Brilliant strong effect. You can show wallet freely , take out card before the thought of card is mentioned, back out first. Beautifully made props,. It's easy to learn too, so you can concentrate on your presentation. Another professional winner from Steve cook and alakazam!

Steve Dela

Wow, I’m not sure why I waited so long to get this! It’s brilliant!!! All of Steve’s ideas are proper ‘workers’ and this is no exception. The thought that has gone into this is very clear and combined with Alakazam & Peter Nardi’s attention to quality, this whole package is really something. The wallet is beautifully produced in genuine leather and the Tyvek envelopes help every aspect to run smoothly. There is hardly anything to learn! The wallet is out from the beginning! AND... It comes out back towards the audience which improves this effect 100%. This is now going to be the opening effect in my new stage show... yep I love it that much :D

As usual from Steve this is great, no memory work, envelope can be shown 1st. Great impact for the reveal. Thanks again.

Dean Humpage

Beautiful effect full marks again,not sure if its just me being fussy but i wish all wallets were in the same leather as the assasin ...could id wallet have been a little smaller? But thats not a complaint its a superb effect great dvd beautiful packaging for a collector like me steve cook seems to be on a creative roll whats next?

Anthony Roberts

First and foremost, I absolutely “Love” this effect! The whole ‘process’ and routine of “ID”, including the manner of the reveal, is so extremely clean. The ‘flow’ of the effect, from start to finish, is sincerely very smooth and easy, for both the audience and the performer. In the simplest terms, everything about “ID” creates one of those truly beautiful and astounding pieces of magic and/or mentalism, making it an absolute pleasure to perform, every single time! I’ve been performing this regularly since receiving it in the mail, in numerous situations, with some settings inclusive of the ‘usual’ intoxicated audience members (which performing at social gatherings and parties does bring with it!) …. Yet, the simplicity and focus of the plot and method allows this effect to ‘strongly hold’ the gaze and indeed the concentration of any audience it is performed for perfectly, every single time …... Leaving the spectator and the audience with an extremely strong “What the…???” 'moment in time' to remember you by. A definite reputation maker, and reputation keeper, most assuredly! If you are familiar with Steve Cook’s other recent effects, such as “Symbol”, “Volition”, “Die Abolical V2” and “The Stealth Case”.…. You would most definitely be aware of Steve’s original and “out of the square” style of thinking, when it comes to method and his very ingenious level of subtle creativity…. So, what else can be described, to give the best overview of “ID”.…? It is direct, straight forward, and allows you to concentrate fully on the whole performance of this effect. Perfect for stage or parlour… And even more perfect for Close-Up and Walk-Around situations, since no two performances will lead to the same outcome, unless two different spectators end up choosing the exact same card! No matter the card chosen by the spectator, what the spectator and audience sees is just the same as within the trailer by Alakazam Magic, with the red envelope able to be casually taken out of the wallet once you are into the routine, even while the selection process is still going on! You can cleanly, without any focus on the envelope whatsoever, casually pull out the card from the envelope, as you are talking, to begin the reveal phase. The beauty also is that the card is brought out, with the back facing the audience… So, you can put the envelope away if you wish, and have this moment, and this “framing” as the start of your “reveal” phase. After the reveal, the reset could not be simpler as it is indeed instant, so you are automatically ready for your next performance for the evening! Due to its sheer brilliance, ease of use, and ingenuousness, I am definitely loving “ID” by Steve Cook! Well Done Sir!

Andrew Ace

I just purchased ID by Steve Cook & Alakazam. Watched halfway through the streaming video so I can at last uncover the method since I am in the USA and await for the dispatch/ arrival; I must say that I was fooled and not fooled at the same time. Alakazam & the brilliant mind of Steve Cook put together a Wallet version of another very very similar trick I own, and had a feeling that it worked the way the current one I have does work, however; ID goes to a whole new level! The amount of DETAIL, QUALITY & PARTS that go into ID are what makes this completely separate from the others out there that do a similar kind of find your card after you name it. I absolutely love the instructional video, it is a tease as I wait for my package to arrive. I will definitely be using this, combined with BIP and some other mentalism effects. If you are looking for something that will blow people away, multiple outcomes, very straightforward for ALL skill levels, then stop hesitating - take advantage of the Black Friday Sales and PURCHASE ID TODAY! I do want to Note that this IS NOT a gimmick wallet. So do not expect SUC functions, or things of that nature. This is an effect/ trick inside an envelope of the ID wallet, & I couldn't recommend it any higher than I have. Hands down, Alakazam always releases the very best. I won't be surprised if this sells out and if you want this - this year, pick up your copy otherwise you'll have to wait to early next year as Peter says! If you'd like to watch more about ID before purchasing look at the Alakazam Steve Cook VLOG, and then the one after that where Peter reassures you that what you hear & see is what you get! 10/10, extra videos, dvd, after show, wallet + parts all are extremely superior. Thank you Alakazam for continuing to lead the magician world with quality items. You are my one stop shop for all items of this nature. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and click BUY!

Steven P

This is a great effect, The wallet is really nicely made and envelope is strong and will last a long time. There are so many ways to use this if you think about it can be a prediction for the outcome to any number of effects, Not just a named card, It's a great utility. Thanks For This Great Product Steve and Thanks To Alakazam for releasing it.

John Anders

Magic is about details. Little things which make your life easier and your tricks so more baffling. This is one of the things I love with this handling. Combining methods from the past and adding a little bit to make it fool proof with layers of deception. Thanks, Steve and Alakazam for releasing this effect!

Mick Wilson

This review, like the BBC, is full of repeats, because yet again Steve delivers simplicity. Like Symbol, Volition and Stealth Case, this is so easy to perform and packs a mighty punch in the amazement depertment. Don’t just take my word for it, read the reviews below!

Richard Challenor

I just want to add another really positive review to the already mounting positive reviews! I own Mark Elsdon's 'on The Mark', and there have been comparisons drawn etc! In my opinion - and it's mine only- this is a superior version! I've performed this c.10 times now and blown everyone away! Nobody has asked to check either the envelope or the wallet! The only thing I'd say - and it isn't a criticism at all, just my observation- it would have been nice to have an extra compartment under the netted side of the wallet! Those who own the wallet will know what I mean! I just think it's nice to display the envelope in the netted side.... Other than that, wonderful trick, easy to perform. My best purchase this year....


If i could give this 10 stars I would .. I love everything about this .. Its Ronnie proof ! Top work guys : )

Paul McCaig

Another beautifully designed, produced and choreographed collaboration between Steve Cook and Alakazam!! The super slim wallet and single envelope are shown before and left in full view throughout. Takes up minimal pocket space, is instantly reset and always ready to perform. No multiple or bulky wallets... No need to wear a jacket... No fumbling... No hesitation... No memory work... No knuckle-busting moves... No brainer!!! Highly recommended for all skill levels.

Brian Stewart

This is great, a mentalism effect with cards without needing a pack of cards. Comes with a quality leather wallet so you can carry it with you all the time - perfect, my new favourite trick. The DVD is excellent and covers absolutely everything - it is really very quick and easy to learn and super easy to do, even for an absolute beginner, allowing you to concentrate on your performance. The reactions have all been fantastic. Another great release from Alakazam.

Ian Schollar

wow! Just what I was looking for, a card in wallet that will look great on stage, parlour or close-up performances. I loved Volition by Steve which I use alot and I know I will do the same with this. Do not be put off just because you have a wallet this is amazingly deceptive and clean. You can show the card before the reveal building the tension and bang you have predicted their card precisely. Alakazam service as usual is brilliant and Peter and Dave's instructional DVD is so clear to follow. Thank you for helping us look great.

Mark Call

This is an IMMEDIATE WORKER! The props and 'method' are diabolical and make it so EASY to look like a brilliant 'mind reader' in minutes. The method alone is worth 10 times the cost. You will be preforming this immediately after watching the instruction video. PLUS Peter Nardi's handling are so thought provoking and just plain GREAT!! Thank you Steve Cook and Peter Nardi AGAIN for making ME look great! Don't think... just BUY this.. you WILL use it everyday and blow people away!

Ian Barradell

More clever, creative and thoroughly diabolical thinking from Steve. A practical, extremely fooling effect that you will use. Having performed this for some time now, laypeople are totally gobsmacked. Great reactions for very little effort. Enjoy ...

Daren Rotherham

Received this beautiful effect recently and love it, as Peter has mentioned this is the perfect opener, gets as many as 5-6 people involved in a selection process, ideal for strolling or table work, this is an effect that is in my no 1 set, love it, very highly recommended!

Bert Van Dyck

My favorite trick for the last few years is On The Mark . But ID is so streamlined and so beautiful that you can show the envelope in advance. I even changed the performance a little bit and even dare to show the facedown card in the envelope. So much stronger !!! Beautiful props and quality DVD .Steve Cook and Alakazam are producing the best tricks of the year !!!! Again top service by Alakazam because I've ordered this on Thursday night after the launch and I've received it on Monday morning in Belgium and that's real magic !!!!

Steve Black

Another superb Alakazam release !!! Steve Cook is a fantastic inventor and this is no exception. The wallet is great quality and the routine is clean and streamlined.Recommended

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