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Marc Pauls A.C.T.S of Mentalism Instant Download

Marc Pauls A.C.T.S of Mentalism Instant Download

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Marc Paul’s A.C.T.S of Mentalism

Marc has been a performer and creator of mentalism for almost 30 years. He has performed all over the world and has racked up thousands of hours of performing experience.

In this course Marc will teach a master class in mentalism that covers four major areas of effects.

AAA Effects (Amazing, Anytime, Anyplace effects)

Classic Effects

Themed and Trade Show Effects


AAA Effects

These are mostly close-up effects that can be performed in any environment. They take very little preparation and use a minimal amount of props, normally just a pen and a few business cards. Marc will teach…

·         Two completely impromptu "Billet Reading Systems” that will enable you to reveal ANY thought the spectator cares to think about.

·         A detailed session on visually deceptive billet switches.

·         A detailed session on the Centre Tear.

·         The AAA Booktest including a brand new presentation of the effect.

·        How to make small effects play big.

Classic Effects

In this section Marc will teach his personal handlings of three massive corner stones of mentalism…

·        Cassidy’s classic "Name & Place” (Two variations)

·        A two envelope streamline version of "4th Dimensional Telepathy” which completely eliminates the one-ahead.

·        A bonus version of 4DT that is super easy and incorporates an unusual method.

·        Annemann’s "Telepathy Plus” updated, streamlined and modernised.

When learned correctly these three routines will provide you with a solid time tested framework on which to build a complete mentalism act.

Themed Effects:

Over the years Marc has had to create many bespoke effects for the purpose of promoting a company’s product or service.  These effects were used at corporate events and trade shows. By their very nature they are designed to be flexible and can be tailored to pretty much fit any product or service. To working professionals these are worth their weight in gold!

·        An overview of this lucrative field.

·      The Three Benefits, a stand-up routine for corporate speakers.

·      Trade Show Drawing Duplication.

·      Conover’s Concept. A genius idea from the late and great Tim Conover.

·       Applied Free Will. An extremely flexible application of the "Free Will” principle.

·       No Memory! A clever envelope routine that enables you to deliverexactly the messages your client wants BUT without having to memorize a single word.


These routines are designed to really blow audiences minds! They feature multiple reveals that escalate towards a climax.

·         "Three Envelopes and Nine Reveals”. This is a streamlined version of Marc’s envelope test that first appeared on his Penguin Live lecture. Over the last few years and after many conversations with Nick Einhorn it has become the show stopping finale to one of Marc’s cruise ship acts.

·       Close –up Version by Nick Einhorn

·       Structuring Reveals

·       Thoughts on "Challenge Thought”

·       The Ultimate Solution?


There will also be a couple of bonus close-up magic routines taught. Marc has kept these to himself for years and feels that the time is right to share…

·       Climax Mental Photograhy Routine. This is the routine Marc has closed at tables with for the last 20 years. He’s never shared it until now!

·       Table Hoppers Linking Finger Ring Routine. Yep, that’s right, a close –up table hopping version of the classic Linking Finger Rings, that does NOT use a Himber Ring! This is a reputation maker!


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Customer Reviews

Phil Macleod

This is probably one of the best videos that I have purchased. Some great routines, really good insight with background and business advice too. what more can you ask for. if you only buy one this should be it !! Marc comes across as an honest and genuine guy, there are hours and hours to these videos but because of the content, presentations and production it just flys by. Great work all

Phil Macleod

As with many people I have put loads of money in magic over many years. This is without doubt some of the best money I have spent. Marc is honest. practical and genuine - great sessions. On top of that what Marc demonstrates as throw away routines, or not planned routines is as strong as some people would do as their show stoppers. I would pay double for this, and its worth every penny opened my eyes and mind to thinking differently

Ron Pataki

This is absolutely brilliant material. I love the way he has up-dated Name/Place and 4DT. His billet handling is excellent and the camera shows exactly what you need to see to learn/improve. I share his love for the oldies/classics and for Annemann`s work. Very useful and informative also when it comes to who created which effect originally and how it evolved over the years. I do not buy many "downloads" at all and I have been disappointed in the past quite a few times, but this nine hour "workshop" was truly enjoyable and well worth the money. As a mentalist, I was not thrilled to see the few card tricks, but that was the only downside for me. Honestly, I highly recommend this for anyone seriously interested in the art of mentalism. Thank you Marc Paul!

Sven Rygh

An excellent lecture! I have got more out of this than everything else I have on DV Ds put together That means a lot, I have got many DVDs :) Marc Pauls thoughts on billet work is great, and his take on Annemann's Telephone Drama is wonderful! -But there's a lot more here 7 stars from me!

Ian Skeate

I wasn’t able to attend live but I’m only half-way through day one watching it later and I’m completely blown away. Marc is a fantastic teacher and already I’ve had enough gold at 1 hour 14 mins to be easily worth the cost. This must be one of the best value products I’ve seen on the market. As Peter would say, this gets my highest recommendation even for those who don’t do lots of mentaism. 👍👍👍

Sean Giles

Great lecture. So glad I bought it while it was still available.

Fred Bert

One of the best Mentalism lectures I've seen. The material is so clever, and the teaching is so thorough. The billet work instruction alone is worth the price of the entire course. This is real-world Mentalism that you can tell has been tested and perfected through actual performance. I was a fan of Marc Paul's thinking before, but this lecture solidifies him as one of the Greats in my mind.

William OConnell

Truly outstanding lecture. 9 hours of excellent instruction. Marc is a brilliant performer, and an equally talented teacher. Some of the best contemporary instruction on billet work I've ever seen.

Greg Arce

This was filled with gems. Just amazing thinking. Marc knows how to squeeze out every bit of entertainment from his routines. It's jaw dropping to see how many moments of astonishments he gets from his 3 envelope test. Wow!!!

Richard Morrell

Marc is a superb job teacher, and the material was first class. The camera work and the intimacy of the teaching that the academy setup affords is testament to Peter and the team, so well done all!

Dan Ives

I've only seen the most of the second half, and already seen enough material that was worth the price of admission alone. Super excited to watch the first half, and put to good use what I've learned so far. Highly recommend.

Robert Gillard

I would just like to mention what a joy it has been attending Marc’s lectures. It serves as a reminder of how mystifying, enjoyable and more importantly entertaining mentalism can and should be. Apart from which the tips on business and performing are priceless. (Who knew a clip board/ pad needed direction—and could get you 3 rounds of applause.)


I think Marc is one of the best teachers in magic and mentalism, because he blends the knowledge of someone that study the art, and the experience of a full time performance. He has something for everyone, no matter your levels of skills or experience performing. Im a full time performance and its hard for me to find really workable material and such good advices.

James Ward

A superb lecture and workshop, packed with so much useful information. The billet and centre tear advice alone are worth their weight in gold and more than justify the cost. Marc is engaging, insightful and such a good teacher. There are some fabulous routines on offer, most of which can be done with nothing more complex than a few pieces of paper and a pen. When you consider how much many of us might pay for a simple one-trick gimmick, the value of this course is immeasurable. A big thank you to both Marc Paul and Alakazam for giving us such a treat.

Michael Swales

It is obvious that Marc has put a lot of work, preparation,thought and planning into this project prior to bringing the lecture to the Academy. The lecture and teaching aspect has been absolutely first class and professional. Brilliant, some fantastic effects.

Paul Richardson

What an amazingly brilliant 2 night academy Lecture. Marc Paul covered AAA effects, billet masterclass and trade show secrets leaving no stone unturned all delivered in a methodical and easy to understand way. This is the best academy so far. Do not miss out on this and just buy it, you will not regret it.

Bjørn Christensen

I love Marc's lectures and material. It's so well thought out and the knowledge he is sharing in this Alakazam Academy is priceless, thank you Marc for sharing. And thank you Alakazam :-)

Jason Dicks

Super material and so many great tips for the working magician/mentalist (or those that want to be). There are no difficult sleights to master, all you need is a shopping trip to Staples.

Alexander Ross

It is difficult to believe that this second nights Course could be even more Fantastic and informative than the first! BUT it is. Thank you Marc for all the advice and tuition.

Alex Crow

Absolutely fantastic - loads of great information and brilliant routines which you will use. This clearly demonstrates why Marc is regarded as one of the best in the business. Really need more than five stars to show just how good this is!

Dave Durose of the best academies I've seen so far.

Paul McCaig

Absolutely superb!!!....Tomorrow evening's session cannot come quick enough!! Well done Marc and all at Alakazam.

Kevin Peel

Wow...that was amazing. Thank you Marc for imparting so much knowledge. Looking forwards to part 2.

Scott Clark

What a great course, Just getting into mind magic. Some great effects and even better advise. 2hrs in and I feel I have learned so much. Glad I am taking notes. With lots more to learn. I know I will get lot and lots of ideas...A bargain. Please by this before it finishes, or you will miss out..

Olaf Schäfer

Best Academy workshop so far for me, a very experienced and clear teaching. I love the relaxed and fresh atmosphere of these Academy courses. I am always amazed how amazing results can be achieved with simple means. Making learning really fun.

Anthony Wighton

This is good beyond words. As so many have said before, Marc is a true professional who is not only at the top of his game but also a top class teacher. The pearls of wisdom he is giving are worth far more than the cost of this course. So sign up now before its to late!!

Richard Groom

Simply, the best.

Dr Rob

This academy course was a must for those who are into their mentalism especially with so much great material to be taught and different areas of performing and business Marc has to impart. Only half way through the 2 days and his explanation of Annemanns classic billet switch is justification alone for the cost. Grab this By The horns if you can as you will definitely NOT be disappointed.

Alexander Ross

Marc’s Academy Course First night has fully justified the whole two Night course on it’ own (And its Not even Finished YET!). Teaching on Billet work is so well done that it supersedes any previous reading I have done on the subject and Marc’s teaching and presentation of the subject is so helpful and understandable due to his detailed presentation technique. Which is very clear and easy to follow! A born tutor with no airs and graces getting in the way of concise information transfer. Thank You Marc and all at Alakazam – Can’t wait for the rest of the course tonight and tomorrow night.

Richard Morris

An absolutely stunning course even not only halfway through. Well done Marc

Simon Cafferty

Marc Paul is a fantastic mentalist and teacher. He has left nothing to chance with his preparation and teaches everything in such detail. It is easy to see why he is so well respected and this course represents such value for money - like all the academy courses. If you want to learn mentalism from one of the world's best, this should be at the top of your list.

Steve Wood

Brilliant work. Marc is simply one of the best. Every time I see him he shows me something that I haven't thought of before which makes me smile, and tonight has already provided lots of those moments. He's a brilliant thinker and this is a fantastic course.

Ian Schollar

Firstly, Marc's routining is sublime with some incredible subtleties which is very inspiring for a wanna be mentalist. I have read about billet work and it hasn't been easy to understand and in practice looked clumsy. Marc's tuition has been so great that practicing along with him I even amazed myself. Marc has been very generous sharing this with us. Thank you Marc.

Martin Oehlbaum

Very happy to have signed up for this fantastic lecture ! thank you Marc and Alakazam Academy !

Steve Lobley

I have known Marc for over twenty years and he really is the living definition of the professional performer. I have loved his work and enjoyed his lectures. But the academy is the perfect forum for his knowledge and pace. This is the second week of truly world-class mentalism! We are only part way into this and I feel I already have had my monies worth. Another smash hit from the Alakazam Team and Marc Paul.

Brian Stewart

Wow, what a brilliant course. Marc really is a fantastic teacher who takes the time to clearly work through every move in great detail which is enhanced by using the brilliant Alakazam multi angle cameras. Marc's billet instruction was a complete masterclass and an absolute revelation of the art form which he rightly describes as "the cornerstone of mentalism". I knew Marc's course was going to be good, but I really didn't think it was going to be this good!! I can't wait for day 2 and also for the chance to go through the whole course again once I've downloaded it. Well done Marc and the whole Alakazam team for putting on an exceptional academy course.

Henry Ross

Such a great Academy course...Marc is a great teacher, taking the time and effort to ensure everything is explained and understood. The performances so far have been excellent and i'd definitely recommend signing up if you get the chance..".AAA" effects from Marc and it's an A+ from me!

Steve Smith

Only half way through the first session and it's already money well spent. Marc is a superb, methodical teacher. You will not find a better tutorial anywhere on billets and billet switching. Throw in a couple of impromptu routines on top of the scripted ones and this is exactly why the Academy works so well. Simply magnificent.

Russell Allen

Marc for me is the best teacher the Academy has seen. He is an excellent teacher going over everything very clearly, and has thought of everything. He teaches classic techniques, which for me, have always been difficult to understand from the old texts, in a very clear manner - making me very excited about going back to basics! Being able to perform AAA is a must for me and this lecture is perfect!

Phill Evans

This is just brilliant. Marc has clearly put a lot of thought into this course and his preparation is superb. Already had my money's worth with the 'workshop' on billets. Marc is so articulate and has thought through what he wants to teach and how he is going to deliver it very carefully. Marc is new to me and so I went on the advice of others. Definitely not disappointed. I'm a fan.

Dean Odell

Wow superb material, technique and presentations. Marc is an excellent teacher with years of performance experience. This is my first Alakazam Academy and it won't be my last. Cant wait ti implement the ideas discussed and we are only 90mins in on a 2 day course. Have to thank Marc and the Alakazam team for such a professional set up from sharing the online questions to the over head cameras. Superb can't recommend it enough

Shaun Mansfield

Stunning ! Simply stunning. Had to come away from the chat room as Marc is such a brilliant teacher. Feels rude not to hang on his every word. Oh you will hang on his every word. Think of the best teacher/lecturer you have ever seen, Marc is all of that and then some.

Philip Coulson

Another fantastic Academy live session. The effects are amazing and are taught really well with clear explanations and can be seen via the camera angles. Easily worth the money. Has given me the buzz and desire to start practising and performing again!!

Thomas Barnes

Loving this course so far, such detailed explanations and shows everything very clearly... Marc is a genius!!!! bring on the second half and tommorow!

Alistair Brien

Brilliant course - super clear teaching and loads of great new ideas and presentations. Excellent value!

Christopher Karim

Absolutely outstanding material. Well thought out with a great focus on routining. As high a recommendation as I can give.

Bart N

Just another amazing Alakazam Academy episode. This actually beats a live lecture. No need to take notes during the live viewing because you can watch it again and again. But you can still ask the questions you need to ask during the lecture and they do get answsered. I'll be here again for the next mentalism lecture. We are only half way of this one and already have had a masterclass in billet technique. This alone was worth the price of admission. Looking forward to what follows.

Terry McEwan

Excellent presentation from a worker who certainly knows his stuff. Modern and yet classic. Highly recommended

David Bartleman

I've seen just about everything on billets that's out there and this stands head and shoulders above everything else - and it's just halfway thru day one! Excellent.

Steve Black

I just knew this would be superb. Marc is a fantastic teacher and a wonderful performer. The effects/ tips are fantastic. I have learned so much and it's only the first half of a two day course . Am absolutely buzzing.As usual the Alakazam team ask all the right questions and the camera angles enhance what is one of the great innovations in magic. Highly recommended !!!!

Tony Dawson

Only 90 Mins into this 2 day course and the information gained already in UNREAL. Been a big fan of Marcs for years so was over the moon when Alakazam announced this Academy. His teaching is methodical and well presented, and his smooth character make him a pleasure to learn from. Cant wait for what is yet to come, Thankyou Marc and well done to the Alakazam Team.

Mark Call

Mind blowing - brain bending effects.... What a true PROFESSIONAL Marc Paul is.... and a great teaching style so you can easily be preforming some of these mind feat effects in minutes. The AAA section alone is worth twice the Academy price....I did not really know much of Marc before this academy.. but will now be following everything he does! BRILLIANT!

Steve Black

I know this is not a review BUT having seen the trailer and knowing the reputation of Marc this is simply a cannot miss !! Got in early in case the course sells out !! I have participated in all the Academies and they just get better and better. Wonderful production values and superb tutors. I think in the future Peter will have great difficulty resisting pressure to change the format to let people buy the lectures at a later date because there must a huge market for such a quality product. I personally would never buy another Penguin Lecture as this is a far superior product.

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