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On the Mark Large By Mark Elsdon

On the Mark Large By Mark Elsdon

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Product Demo

Product Demo

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Mark Elsdon is finally releasing his killer named card to wallet!

Please note the first batch is very limited and we expect them to sell out quickly. 

"On The Mark" comes in two size a large wallet for standard up (jacket style wallet) and a Hip style for close up. Please choose your prefered wallet from the drop down menu at time of order.

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Customer Reviews

Anthony Walker

I own both the large and small version wallets for this trick as it is so so good. My preference is the larger wallet as it conceals everything inside. The smaller wallet is a bit fiddly but is good for close up. Adding some paper notes into the sections gives a little more cover.. Actually the large wallet is still usable for close up. The routine shown is the basic handling but I suggest you see Mr Elsdon's working of "Off by millions, Off by none" as this injects humour into the situation. A good clean effect that is worth the investment. Aren't the simple effects always the best.

Drew McAdam

Firstly, an effect that gets Ian Rowland scratching his head is not something to be sniffed at. Secondly, I am EXTREMELY easy to fool, but as a performer of classic, standard nothing-can-go-wrong mentalism I have always railed against mentalists using playing cards. To me, it smacks of “card trick”. However, when I saw the demonstration for this, it simply blew me away. I just could NOT get my head round it. Anyway, I got mine. (I paid for it, by the way. This is not a testemonial in exchange for free goodies!) And it really is perfect for any mentalist. I often get the “You’re a magician, then.” line thrown at me. Now I have a come-back: Let me show you the difference between a magician and a mentalist. A magician needs a pack of cards… 52 cards. I only need one. A magician will get you to pick out a card and then does all that sleight-of-hand stuff… I can’t do that “magicky” stuff…. I don’t need to. Because in this wallet there is one envelope, and inside that envelope is one card. You COULD try and guess, but it would just be a guess. Instead, I want you to use your intuition to eliminate 51 of these cards, because you already know what that card is. You just don’t know you know. Now, look at me… when I click my fingers I want you to say ‘number card’ or ‘picture card’.” “click” It IS a picture card. It IS red. It IS diamonds. … King? Absolutely Right On The Mark. Jeez, I mean, how clean and cool is THAT? Suffice it to say that despite haranguing mentalists for using playing cards in their sets, I am now using On The Mark. It never fails to drop jaws. And because the process is a simple one it allows me to concentrate on the showmanship and presentation. This is a wonderful, wonderful effect. If you could psychologically influence somebody to select a single card from 52 – or if somebody really could use their natural intuition (or perhaps psychic / dark Satanic powers) to intuit a single card that has been sitting in front of them the whole time – this is EXACTLY how it would look. Five stars for this. Drew

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