RB Coin Deck Ultra By Rob Bromley And Alakazam

RB Coin Deck Ultra By Rob Bromley And Alakazam

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The R B Coin Deck Ultra is one of the most ingenious gimmicks ever created for this plot and with the addition that Alakazam added we believe this is now the ultimate coin to deck gimmick ever created!


A coin is borrowed, signed and vanished. You now remove a boxed deck of cards.  The cards are removed from the box with empty hands and you proceed to have one selected and signed.  The signed card is cut in to the deck and the deck is tabled (there are no breaks in the deck) you instantly cut the deck and right there at the exact position of your cut is their signed coin sitting on the top of the remaining cards.  

Your spectator removes the coin and turns over their signed card.

The R B Coin Deck Ultra is super easy to do, beautifully constructed by Rob Bromley and comes with special gimmick and easy to follow in-depth video instructions 

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Customer Reviews

Tom Rolfe

The gimmick quality is excellent. I think it will last forever. The RB Coin Deck has got to be the easiest way to load a coin to a wanted position.

Olaf Schäfer

That's what I call a convincing magic craftsmanship, great from the start

Ronald Wood

Sorry. Short one word review! BEAUTIFUL.

Robert Lavers AKa Mutley

This is not the gimmick you might think this is. It's not a deck with some holes in. It's a proper gimmick and a real worker where you can use a signed coin or not. In most but the largest currencies. Two pence or ten are fine. Comes with a DVD and is priced very reasonable. Surprised my Mrs ... which is hard to do .

Darren Bane

This is right on the money! I've seen/bought quite a few props/gimmicks involving this type of 'secret', but I have never seen one so well made, and so invisible! There's no sales spin/patter when Peter and co praise Rob Bromley for the quality of his work; quite simply, this is seriously high quality gimmick, crafted rather than simply made. Great tutorial from Peter and Dave. A fantastic purchase.

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