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The Larry Lock By Mago Larry

The Larry Lock By Mago Larry

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This is by far the best version of this type of combination lock we have ever seen.

Just check out the video below to see how clean this effect looks.

The Larry Lock Comes complete with lock and instant streaming videos with routines for both Close-Up and Stage

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Customer Reviews

John C

Purchased this from mindvention immediately upon the demo. Also encouraged several others to purchase it. This lock is a beautiful thing. Don't listen to the criers about the numbers etc. Audience management makes this a non issue.

Rob Zen Shersby

Purchased this effect just over a week ago. Very impressed with the effect. Easy to use and praised by every audience member used on. Will definitely be adding to my routine.

Ray Doetjes

I love this effect. I had it for a week and it already had a lot more mileage on it than most off the shelf effects I have. Easy to perform, wonderful quality and the convincer that this is the only number that will open the lock.

Patrick Kress

The idea and the mechanics are very clever. BUT… The Numbers are not engraved enough! It could be very hard to sea for an audience member. That is a really bad thing for a number lock! The DVD is produced poorly. Thanks to Peter for adding an Alakazam-Version for his clients. I wouldn't purchase this lock again, because of the lazy production. I think, I cannot use this lock in the real world, because of the bad visibility of the numbers. SAD!


With good spectator management....SIMPLY THE BEST...Pure -.MYSTIFIER,

Peter Hack

Be good to hear from someone who has this effect. The DVD which comes with it is very poor.

John Mason

This has to be one of (if not the best) the best lock effects around. Very easy to do (if I can do it, anyone can!). A real mystifier. Only complaint (a tiny one) the instructional CD is awful. 'Nuff said buy it, you know it makes sense.

Steve Black

A very clever product that with only a little practice will add something extra to any mentalist set.Spectator management is key so that their choices appear fair.The DVD is short but sufficient to explain most audience issues.Get it right and the audience WILL believe you have magical powers!!

Jack Markley

Have used this for many years. Just like real magic !!

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