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Zero To Hero 2 2018 Complete Course Instant Download

Zero To Hero 2 2018 Complete Course Instant Download
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Download this entire six lesson course today and start your journey to becoming a card magic hero! 

Alakazam Magic and the online Academy are delighted to announce that we will be holding a new Zero to Hero card magic course in January and February with John Carey!

The first 6 week course earlier this year was a fantastic success and the students from around the world who joined us each week were thrilled with the learning experience, as you will see on the Alakazam website and Facebook pages.

We've had so many magicians from around the world contact us asking if another course will be held. We have listened to them and so here it is!

The course is divided into 6 weekly lessons, starting from the raw basics of card magic, teaching the basic sleights, tools and concepts and progressing each week and also teaching myriad effects which show the application of the techniques. If you've ever wanted to learn card magic this is truly the finest way to do so in the industry today.

Join John Carey, Peter Nardi, Dave Loosley, Harry Nardi and Sarah Stott each week as we shoot live with state of the art equipment from the Academy studio. You will be able to ask questions there and then and get the answers. We also have a dedicated Facebook group for students to interact. Each lesson will be stored in your account for streaming and download.

This isn't a lecture. It's like being in the same room with John as he patiently and enthusiastically takes you from zero to hero! In a short space of time you will amaze yourself as you perform astonishing card magic.

The final week of this 6 week course will be our graduation party where John will present a live super session of 12 powerful and practical effects you will love. Please note this session is completely different in content from the first course we held.

We expect demand to be very high for this course. With Christmas on the horizon we truly believe this will make a fantastic gift for you or the magician in your life! Take advantage of our early bird discounted price of £79.99, saving 20% on the full price of the course (strictly limited to the first 50 seats). We very much look forward to see you there!

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Customer Reviews

Darren Whichello

Marvellous! I am a professional Close-Up Magician who specialises in card magic so was not expecting to learn too much from this course but boy was I surprised! I really enjoyed re-learning so many moves and even improving my technique too. I have now gone back and decided to add one or two tricks I had forgotten as well as new things to my act courtesy of this great online magic course. I remember when I found "The Royal Road to Card Magic", how I wished I had discovered it when I first started learning as it would have taught me the right way to do things. But this course was - dare I say it! - is even better! A real must for anyone wanting to learn great card magic whatever their skill level!

Colin Palmer

Just got through week 1 and already learnt so much.When I first started to get back into card magic,instead of buying lots of books and dvd's ,I wish someone would of gold me to just buy this course.John is a fantastic teacher,patient and explains things very clearly.He is also very personable and has me laughing listening to the banter between him and Dave.By the end of the first week,John has taught you sleights ,false shuffles and explains how to put the tricks in a routine so they follow on naturally. Worth every penny and can't wait to progress through the course.Don't hesitate,but this now.

Dan Kirsch

I have seen the first episode. A great selection of moves and routines. Way better than the usual beginner stuff. This would also be of interest to people who teach magic.

Bobo Deng

This is the best course I ever bought! When I started magic, I never gone through Royal Road to Card magic or anything similar to this. I sort of self learned sleights from different tricks I bought from online magic shops. Even though I been into magic on and off for about 5-6 years and I can't even do the Elmsley Count, false shuffle and the ambitious card routine properly. I used my first two years of experience in magic for these 5-6 years so technically I never really improved and got better. So when I found out about this course, I know I definitely need to get onto this course! I really needed to learn everything from the basic and have a structure of learning and get better in magic. I have to say thank you to Peter and John for doing this course! It changed everything, even though I couldn't make it to the lecture LIVE but it's so great to go over it afterward! This is the best thing I ever bought!!!!

Steve Smith

Yet another great course in this wonderful format. John Carey has an easy going persona that reflects in his tuition style. Add that to the ability to see moves repeated upon request, and different angles that make every move extremely the added chat room banter that can send the course into many unadvertised areas of discussion and you have a unique experience in magic tuition.

Alexander Ross

Thank you! John experience and comments on presentation add so much to the tuition on the course. It very helpfully. As are discussions and thoughts from Dave and Peter are very much appreciated.

Mark Call

Friggin' AMAZING!! 30 Minutes in and already have MORE than my moneys worth. 4 easy false shuffles and a brilliant (yet easy) find the Aces Routine down -.... and like I said, that's just the first 30 minutes!! WOW, John is an AMAZING instructor and breaks it down so you GET IT!

James Wilson

As a complete beginner this is exactly what I needed. Detailed and clear tuition of fundamental techniques and so many tricks and effects to learn and master. And we're only half way through the course! This will keep me going for a long time. Incredible value for money. Thank you to all involved.

Michael Swales

I'm an absolute beginner and have been using Royal road to card magic. The Zero to hero 2 course is so much easier to follow and learn from. Enjoying John Carey's relaxed teaching method and the input from Dave, Peter and the team.

Pete Donnelly

John Carey - Legend Not only is there fantastic content in this online course but Johns teaching style is just perfect. Easy to take in and everything is explained in a way that makes this so easy to learn. I sometimes lose interest with some magic lessons/DVDs but not with John's teaching, i'm hooked and totally enthralled.

Alexander Ross

Lessons 2 every bit as good as Lessons 1! Thanks John

Steve Black

I know I reviewed last week BUT the quality established last week is more than maintained which is not easy! John is a patient and excellent teacher !I have always found forces difficult to make smooth but this has really helped . I love the tips the guys come up with jamming together. Peter/John and Dave make a fantastic team and compliment each other superbly !!

Bent Jensen

"New or old" in magic and want to learn the craft? The volume of craft material / advice is amazing When you build your own magical castle - start with a solid foundation - Exactly what the Alakazam Academy gives you ! Looking forward to the next lessons of zero to hero courses The best gift I have given myself!

Brian Stewart

Amazing! I am so happy that Alakazam and John Carey decided to rerun this course as I missed it first time around as I had no idea what the Academy courses would be like. After the Tackling Terrifying Taboos course with Jamie Daws and the Streamlined Commercial Card Magic course with John Carey I realised that they were totally different to anything else available. They are an interactive and fun way to learn magic as if you were having a one to one lesson with a top magician that you can replay as many times as you want. This course is perfect for anyone from absolute beginner to experienced magicians who want a refresher course. Whatever level you are at you will seriously learn and benefit from this course and be performing what you have learnt very quickly. I really can't recommend this course enough as John is a great teacher and it's still not too late to get involved as all the lessons are saved to your account.

Richard Morris

What another brilliant evening John you have done it again very easy to understand done in a very laid back and good humoured way. Well done that man. And a big thank you to Peter Sarah Dave And Harry for bringing it all together. The very best to you all And Keep up the good work Richard. Morris

Chris Foster

Amazing amount of information and that was just week 1. John is such a great teacher. The ability to ask questions via live chat is also great. Can't wait for the rest of the course.

Tony Jenkins

Just watched the very first one and what a brilliant start. I've been doing card magic for quite a while and still learnt a great deal. It was also good to have a refresher of things that I'd forgotten about and had stopped using.

Steve Black

I missed this the first time so thought I would give it ago because I have attended all the other Academies.I am not disappointed !! The volume of material/advise is awesome.Peter/John/Dave are professionals providing information that would cost many more times the price paid for the course.H provides great camera shots and the production values remain superb. The interaction is instant and Sarah does a very good job coordinating. V Highly Recommended !!!

Alexander Ross

Booked into John Carey’s Zero 2 Hero Academy Course and could not have picked any better John’s teaching method is great and in no way intimidating. His causal approach puts you at ease from the beginning and continues throughout helping you to retain a great deal of the handling. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the courses.

Philip Tate

Well what can I say, we are only half way through Lesson 1 and its been 100% worth the money. Great teacher, great effects and all broken down into easy to follow step by step instructions. So please Zero to Hero was put on a second time.

Dan Marsh

John is a true teacher. He has a calm, warm demeanour that enables you to feel comfortable and at ease. Despite having intermediate skills I find the little subtleties and nuances on real basic stuff, even removing the deck from the pack so informative. An excellent course that will no doubt build my confidence to take my magic to a wider audience. Thank you.

James Fortune

I have been a successful professional magician for over thirty years and I love entertaining with card magic but I still believe you never stop learning which is why I subscribed to this course. Some of the things in Lesson One, such as the Optical False Shuffle, false cuts and ace productions are worth the price of the whole course. Highly recommended.

Steve Hansey

Brilliant! Just watched the first episode! Very enjoyable, lots to take in and practice! John has a very down to earth way of explaining things. A lesson to watch over and over again :-)

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