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Strip Shuffles and Running Cuts Box Set Alchemy Tree (Right Handed)

Strip Shuffles and Running Cuts Box Set Alchemy Tree (Right Handed)

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This version is for the right handed performer (left handed also available)  
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When handling cards, you need to look the part. The strip shuffle has the elegance and style that you see in the movies. It’s more deceptive and easier to perform than a riffle shuffle and opens the door to many sleights.
This box set is perfect for beginner and those with an intermediate level of skill. As well as teaching you the basic strip shuffle, we’ve also included the following methods:
Stock control to keep your aces on top or bottom of the deck.
Two amazing Full deck controls, including the very deceptive up-the-ladder cut which will preserve any stack.
The elegant, totally false Vernon strip cut...
And as a bonus we’ve also included an in-depth look at the push-through shuffle and how to incorporate it with the up-the-ladder cut.
If you’re interested in performing gambling effects with an authentic look, then this is the perfect box set for you.

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Customer Reviews

Tim Saddleton

Wow, what a stunning download. Video quality is among the best I’ve seen for any card work - 10/10. Camera angles from spectator & performer perspective - 10/10. Explanation of the moves for hand and finger positions are given clearly and not rushed - 10/10. Audio quality - 10/10 Slow motion is a welcome addition to the explanation to enable the learner to follow the move - 10/10 Value for money - 10/10 This should be the benchmark for any card work.

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