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**No number force required!
Sudoku 2.0 By Myles Thornton makes the perfect addition to our Wallets series. This innocent looking Sudoku game card looks just like something you would receive in a magazine. Perfect to carry in your wallet for those on the spot performances.

Sudoku 2.0 is a magic square but with a difference, there is zero memory work required and even if you have never performed a magic square before you will be doing this in minutes!

Sudoku 2.0 comes with approximately 80 game cards and a special Out To Lunch Band to perform one of the routines featured on the tutorial video.

Add Sudoku 2.0 to your wallet and always be ready to perform a super cool Magic Square!

Just listen to what the pros are saying 

"This is a simply brilliant update to a classic routine. The design is both deviously clever and looks legit. I now want to do the Magic Square!” - Ben Williams 

"I love skill based demonstrations that feel like magic. Sudoku 2.0 is one of them!” - Christian Grace 

"Satisfyingly smart.” - Ollie Mealing

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Customer Reviews

Andrew Stainton

This is the pure definition of 'packs small, plays big' . So many uses, from a straight forward 'kapow moment to performing within a larger mentalism set. May have to set up a subscription service for monthly refills Mr Nardi. Great work Myles looking forward to anything you put your name to in the future.

Darren King

having to remember stuff has put me off doing a magic square close up, what I love about this effect is no memory required, so simple you will be performing this right after watching the very details download. Would love to have seen an included leaflet/instructions in written form. However like how on the instruction video Myles uses his iPad to show you the details of the crib. Also you get a card that also shows you the method to carry in your wallet in case you need a quick reminder.

Robert Bone

On the very first table I ever performed it at I actually had people stand up from their chairs to applaud. I've now performed more and got great reactions every time. I do a regular Magic Square in my cabaret show, but never really found a way to naturally introduce it into my close-up act - until now. Straight from the box it can get amazing reactions, and with a few more tweaks to the presentation it could easily be a trick that is done at every table at every gig.


What’s so great about this is how easily it fits almost any performance style. It can work as an incredible feat of skill or as an impossible demonstration of magic; it’s great in a gigging situation and a casual setting with friends. The only downside is I know I’m going to run out of cards soon. That’s not because they don’t give you enough, just because I know I’m going to be using this all the time!

Fredrick Osborn

This routine is fantastic! Very easy to do and absolutely blows the spectators mind.

Brian Stewart

What a cracking little effect this is with numerous presentations. Very easy to carry about with you in your wallet and super easy to do. There is absolutely no memory work as the crib is right in front of you for only you to see – you can even happily give out the card at the end! Blimey, what’s not to like about this and did I say it gets great reactions as well. Myles Thornton, you are a sneaky little devil and I absolutely love this and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone of any ability and I know you will love it too.


I have seen the magic square on stage but never close up. It’s one of those effects I thought I would never perform as I had only ever seen it done to a large audience. Sudoku 2.0 allows this type of effect to be done close up and even allows for a souvenir to be given to the spectator with the secret hidden in plain sight. Very easy to perform with no memory work required. Different presentations available. Can be performed as a mentalism/prediction, magical appearance or even just an amazing skill.


Well what can I say, this trick is absolutely fantastic. Simple to do, I was doing it within 5 minute of opening it. A stack has gone straight into my wallet so I'm ready anytime. The fab thing is, there's no memory work. Top release, well done.

Rodd Hogg

This is genius from Myles. Cannot recommend highly enough and it will always be in my wallet. An absolute gem!

Kevin Bowman

I always had trouble remembering Magic Squares. Now at last here is one which has no memory work, as what you need to know is hidden right in front of you. Performed it on my wife and her reaction was "How the hell did you do that". This will always be in my wallet.

David Hand

I am very pleased with my purchase of the effect Sudoku 2.0 by Myles Thornton, great thinking, beautifully presented and very clever, such a brilliant idea. Looking forward to performing in the Real World,

John Geerts

The perfect version of Magic Square, fit directly in my Wallet. With the perfect cheat sheet inside the design :) Perfect perfect perfect

Thom Chesser

Lovely thinking and a lovely piece of mentalism for your wallet. Myles has produced a very nice piece of casual mentalism that should be part of your EDC and will also fit nicely in your table-hopping set. Spin it as amazing mental gymnastics or combine it with a force or a peek for a truly astonishing effect.


Perfect opener, easy to use, great reactions. Combined with Contactless and you have the starter of 10 - 15 min act sitting in your back pocket. Definitely worth every penny.

Bruce Trigg

Simple yet extremely effective. Multiple options for presentations. An excellent weapon for your Arsenal


From the first time I performed this I knew it was one of those things not to leave home without. Gets reactions from absolute silence with a look of how the hell did you do that, to laughter and screams. So many ways to use it and it’s the first magic square I have see with a really magical presentation. Great release from Myles and Alakazam

Jason Ingram

Completely baffling & super easy to perform. No complicated maths or memory work involved. Ready to use straight out of the box, providing you’ve watched the download video (which arrives in your account instantly after you order). I keep a couple in the back of my clear phone case just waiting for someone to ask me what it is. It’s so good that my teenage kids have hijacked half of my supplies. My youngest floored his maths tutor! Highly recommended & is my new EDC. Excellent job by Myles & the Alakazam team.

William Freeman

This is perfect for my role as wedding MC and toastmaster. My magic is casual and incidental and these cards are easy to use (in a variety of ways) and leave a memorable impact. One of my favourites (and I’m very selective!)

Wayne Goodman

I love love love this effect, its so simple, direct and magical. Myles has created a method that allows the performer to not have to worry about extra props or additional tools as everything you need is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES this has instantly become a go to effect and straigt into my working set thank you again myles for releasing this and if you dont have it yet, what are you waiting for?


At first I wasn't even gonna get this but the live show won me over. This is definitely the best iteration of the magic square right now! It fits in your wallet and the crib is hidden in plain sight. There's so much you can do with this. All I know is I don't regret buying it.

Mark Cullen

Another superb release from Alakazam. What Myles Thornton has done with Sudoku 2.0 is amazing. Everything is hidden in plain sight there is no memory work so you can concentrate on your performance and script.

Jeff Short

Absolutely brilliant, easy to perform, no memory work and will carry around in my contactless wallet.

Colin Stainton

Man alive….what an absolute banging bit of magic!!! Myles you’ve created the Mona Lisa of the magic kingdom. This is the perfect wallet trick. So simple. No memory work; a trick that does all the work for you and makes you look like a genius. I love this and can’t recommend it enough. If you’ve been sitting on the fence take these reviews as gospel. This is just brilliant so buy it and buy Contactless at the same time. They’re a marriage made in heaven; and why you’re at it get Gossip too. You seriously won’t regret it I promise.

Jason Cunningham

Well, where do I begin?…. This Myles is a blinder… Easy to carry and easy to learn and perform in a heartbeat… Let your imagination and creativity go wild, coz there’s loads you can get out this little gem… Love it, Love it… LOVE IT!!


Not usually my type of thing. However I was hooked straight away. So simple and no memory work, even better. This will be in my wallet all the time. Great product demo for a super easy to do effect. A must have for the pro and the hobbyist like myself. Thanks Myles and Alakazam.

Timmy Taylor

Wow! I've always wanted to do a routine like this but I'm not bright enough, but to have it all laid out and hidden in plain sight is ingenious. It will be in my wallet at all times. Thank-you.


I was lucky enough to get a preview of this a few months ago and it totally blew my mind! It is so easy to do and you can cover your tracks which makes it a perfect addition to my wallet! It makes me look smart too!


A perfect EDC. It’s the classic magic square disguised as a Sudoku game. This is powerful magic that can be done as a mind reading demonstration. It uses the OTL principle and the download teaches you a great impromptu peek. I absolutely love it. Refills will be coming soon.

Alexander Ross

I was really uncertain as to whether or not this particular product would be something for me! BUT after seeing the launch and listening to Myles explaining the method and the variety of possible applications I was very quickly sold on it. Particularly on how easy it has been made to perform such a strong presentation in different ways to suit performing styles and environments. It provides a reliable hard hitting result with unbelievable simplicity! How could you not want to make good use of this effect?

Adrian Tritton

I have had this a couple of weeks now (lucky enough to get a pre release copy). Brilliant worker, ready in your wallet at all times. No memory, incredibly easy to do which means you can just focus on performing. Trust me and but it as you will 100% use it and then buy refills

Mick Wilson

This is so easy, it's sinful! You supplied with plenty of Sudoku 2.0 cards, performances ideas and the 'perfect' O.T.L elastic band, zero memory work and the cheekiest 'hidden in plain sight' method ever put out there. It WILL inspire you to create presentation ideas of your own. It works perfectly, hand in hand, with Juxtapose, by Paul Brooke. Buy it! Nuff said!

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