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Swindle By Steve Cook

Swindle By Steve Cook

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 Alakazam Magic Exclusive

Swindle by Steve Cook is a super cool influence effect ideal for opening your performance.

As usual Steve has created an easy to follow, simple to execute Mentalism effect that packs small and plays BIG!

We all know the power of a simple 50/50 choice but Swindle feels like so much more. 

Add Peter Nardi’s routining to Steve’s fantastic method and you know you are on to a winner!

Swindle is super easy to do and ultra-deceptive. Comes complete with props and full video instructions.


As a little demonstration of using influence and human psychology you introduce two small tins (one white and one black)

Basic Script

"In life we all make decisions, each decision becoming a small journey in the human mind (there are usually two steps to every decision) and even though we decide on a certain outcome the route to get there is usually not a straight line. 

In fact I am going to ask you to choose either of the two boxes.  You may choose the black which is a slick Matt black and to be honest the one that everyone seems to choose (in fact if I was given this choice that is the one I would go for) or the nice shiny white box, which attracts the eye and to be honest is closer to you so probably easier for you to grab. Anyway the choice is yours BUT I will tell you this I know exactly what steps you will take and I have predicted which box you will end up with”

Your spectator follows your instructions and selects a box.  The box is open to show it contains a small slip of folded paper (the note reads I knew you would have this box). You state that the other box also contains a note but when you open it the note inside is actually a £50 note!  

May be performed in any language

Use any currency

Nothing hidden inside the boxes (they are truly empty at the end)

Super easy to perform

The perfect Mentalism opener.

Powerful, interesting and fun!

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Customer Reviews

David Shareef

If you like Derren Brown, then you will love this. I purchased this and I have already performed it twice I'd like to use it in conjunction with the dice the 3 dice. this is an awesome effect and it is mind blowing straight forward and easy to do!

Steve Blake

Brilliant,Simple,Direct,Concentrate on the presentation, you will Smile when you learn the Secret.

David Taylor

Swindle arrived this morning. I can’t believe something so simple can pack such a huge impact. Blows your mind. Fantastic and the biggest surprise of all is the price.


for this price there is little better than this. Love Peters added extended patter and take on this as well. Thumbs up from me.

Gary Jones

This is a completely self-working and extremely clever piece of mentalism, Steve Cook is a freaking genius. You can perform 'Swindle' Close-up and it would also play massively on a stage, so it ticks all the right boxes for both the hobbyist magician and the professional. As you can tell, I absolutely love it! Gary Jones.


This is a great little effect with endless possibilities for the outcome. It can be tied in with other effects such as card reveals etc etc... The possibilities are endless. A 10/10 product easily 5stars and excellent value too. You won't be disappointed

David Diamond

If you haven't already bought this BUY IT NOW! Best £15 you will ever spend, your audiences will love it, so simple to perform and it is Covid -19 safe as your spectators do not have to touch anything should you wish. Five stars.


Steve... WOW....just WOW, Swindle just dropped through my letter box. The effect is absolutely brilliant, I had no idea of the method, After less than 10 minutes into the tutorial, I am sat here with an extremely wide smile on my face. So ingenious.. I love it. Another excellent effect. Thanks so much.

Adam Momcilovic

This is a, superb mental trick. The quality of the boxes makes this look so cool. The use of manipulative language makes the customer try and second guess themselves using reverse psychology but no matter what they do they will end up with the box without the treasure. A lovely little trick. I highly recommend this. Well done Steve Cook and Alakazam.

Scott Clark

This is a super simple mentalism effect. But don't let that put that off. The method can be used in other formats. Which I have got plans for already.


This is a great little routine, its everything it says on the tin. packs small but can play big... its a cheeky little routine that will get them ! I love routines that are so simple but makes you think if I do this / say that then I can instantly use it in my set. if you cant think of anything the routine from Peter and H is easy to follow and guaranteed to get people asking to show them again. great stuff for the money.

Stephen Butler

Like others above, for its price you just have to purchase this little gem. So easy and quick to learn, but everyone I have performed it for is taken in completely. Peter's tuition is superb and after learning the secret it allows you to concentrate on the performance. It is a real fooler and fun to do.

Daren Rotherham

I am quite picky and choosy when it comes to effects I want to add to my sets, this is something I will most certainly add, a very simple effect to follow and a great opener to a table, very highly recommended

Gary Bowes-Read

I love Steve Cook's products. I have bought many of them from Alakazam. His simple but strong methods and routines really appeal to me and make them a joy to perform. Swindle is a great trick. Thank you Steve, and thumbs up to Alakazam for putting out his stuff with not only his routines but great ones of their own. Top class

Neil Somerville

This is the sort of mentalism I like. Simple, straightforward but also very entertaining. I also like the way you can tailor it to your audience and style - it is versatile and offers much potential. In addition, with current performing restrictions, it could be presented online or with you touching and opening the boxes in line with the spectator's instructions. Highly recommended - well done Steve and Alakazam.

John Dornan

Swindle is a great trick on all levels Just received it and Steve Cook and Alakazam have delivered something so good and easy to perform as long as you script the routine to suit your style Great price and a great trick

Darren Bane

Don't assume that simple/easy to do means that it lacks the wow factor. For £15 you get something that IS very quick to learn, and which opens the doors wide for you to let your performance shine. On many Alakazam broadcasts/tutorials, I've heard about how the effect is only part of magic, the rest is about you and your performance. This is something that pretty much anyone of any level can learn to do quickly, and then it all becomes about making it your own. Once you understand how it works, you will be able to turn all your focus onto your performance with complete confidence. I almost feel like we are swindling Steve Cook by paying so little for it! It is superb.

Steve Black

I too could not decide what to about this, in the end I purchased because it was Alakazam. It is VERY simple but impressive. As a quick opening illustration of what is to follow it is great. Without giving anything away my preference is for the 'clean' finish. Recommended !!

Colin Stainton

I watched the trailer pretty much straight away and again several times after. I couldn't decide whether to buy it or not. It was one of those moments when it looks so simple but you're sure there's more to it. Anyhow, I decided to buy it. Without giving anything away, it is simple. You'll be performing it within a short space of time. The outcome could be anything too. I'm pleased I bought it. It's not expensive either and it's easy to carry around. It could also lead you into other effects. I recommend it for sure. For just shy of £15 you can't go wrong really.

Mick Wilson

Sinfully simple, devilishly direct and fiendishly fooling! Buy it! Nuff said!

Ronald Wood

Aftr seeing the advert for Swindle by Steve Cook. I really had to buy! I’m glad I did. I haven’t received it yet obviously but I did get Peter and Harry explaining it in my streaming videos! What a beautiful little effect! This has got to be the best effect I have ever bought at under £15! It is really hard to review this without giving away secrets so it’ll have to be a seven word review. “Just Buy It. You will love it!”

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