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The Alexa Trick by Steven Goodwin Instant download

The Alexa Trick by Steven Goodwin Instant download

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The Alexa Trick By Steven Goodwin

*Please note this effect will currently only work on UK and US devices (The Alexa trick may be used in the US by changing your Alexa to UK English. We are currently working on a full US version and when this is live you will be able to change back to US English)

**Alexa Device not included 

Turn you Alexa device in to a mind reading machine of magnificent marvellousness!

How many of you own and use Alexa™ on a device (Echo, smartphone etc.) ?  I bet quite a few of you said yes to that question. 

Well Steven Goodwin has been using Alexa™ for more than just turning the lights on and off!  He created the amazing Alexa™ trick.  In this download you will learn how to activate and use Steven’s Alexa™ trick on your very own Alexa™ device.

So what is the Alexa™ Trick?

Well Steven has created a special program that once activated on your Alexa ™ device will allow you to perform a brilliant mind reading card effect.

It’s The Wizard but for the future.

Points To Remember

Any Card Can Be Chosen

It is actually Alexa speaking 

Always ready to go

May be instantly repeated

On this download you will learn how to quickly activate your Alexa™ device with the software and exactly how to perform the effect.

Remember if you use Alexa™ on your smart phone you can us that as well!

 * Includes PDF's outlining usage of this effect and some bonus material.

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