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The ESP Test Kit by Steve Cook


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Steve Cook has done it again with the ESP Test Kit.

This brilliant effect is a mix of Mentalism, Remote Viewing, Psychometry and Precognition.

Imagine having a spectator place the five ESP symbol cards in to separate envelopes.  They place one Envelope in the supplied ESP Test Control wallet and one in their pocket.

Now, and with going nowhere near the envelopes (if you should so choose) you start to reveal where each ESP Symbol is, even predicting ahead of time which card would be put in their pocket.

If that wasn’t enough as a kicker your spectator is given the ability to read your mind!

The ESP test kit comes complete with custom props and full tutorial video featuring Peter Nardi’s routine and handling.

The ESP Test Kit uses a sneaky, yet simple method to devastating effect. There are no electronics to go wrong and no batteries to change.

The ESP Test Kit is a professional routine that is easy for even the absolute beginner to perform!

Each set comes complete with;

5 Plastic ESP symbol cards
Custom Envelopes designed for the effect
Real Leather Wallet
Full online training 

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Customer Reviews

Francis Clarke

This is a very good trick well worth the money it’s good quality easy to do and well recommended, it’s a must have well done Steve cook.

Andy M

Another effect I recently bought. And it already made to my favourites list! Top! Not complicated but with several punches during the routine! A real ESP testing story... And the props are nice., too. Wow! I love it!

Guy Zachs

Great durable props, one DIABOLICAL secret, EXTREMELY EASY to do! Can't ask for more from a mentalism trick... PERFECT!

Mick Wilson

Yet another worker from Steve, other than that, it’s hard to add anything that hasn’t already been said in the other glowing reviews here. Simple, powerful and extremely direct mentalism is standard fair from Steve and this has all of those, so it will astound your audience. Once again, Steve has delivered a solid piece, so all you have to do is focus on the performance. My favourite stage is the final one, where it all comes back to the spectator and them divining the final 2 symbols correctly! Awesome stuff as always Mr Cook.

Ian Barradell

Another real worker from Steve. This fooled me badly when I first saw it and I've done the same to everyone since. Brilliant thinking with layers of deception running through the whole methodology. Besides that it's incredible value for money. The quality of the props is first class.

Darren Woolf

Steve fooled me completely with this a few months ago. He even gave me time to backtrack once he’d finished to see what I came up with and I confess, I hadn’t a clue. When he did show me the method, it’s deviousness genuinely made me laugh out loud. It’s such a clever piece of thinking. Since then I’ve seen him fool many more magicians with it too and, as with all of Steve’s material, it’s as fun to perform as it is to watch. This is one of the best things I saw during 2019 and can’t recommend it highly enough.

Chris Congreave

Brilliant props, superbly made and the routine is so well thought out, super simple to do. A real winner. Well done Steve.

Jester Styles

So well made! So simple to learn too. Meaning you can give everything to your performance!

Liam Montier

The ESP test kit is one of the best close up mentalism tricks I've ever seen. Gorgeous props, totally fooling method and a healthy dose of Steve Cook's sheer cunning! Very highly recommended!

Graeme Fishwick

Just waiting for my review to go live mate, here is what I wrote: When you hear the name Freddie Mercury you instantly think 'fantastic singer'. When you hear the name Usain Bolt you think 'great runner' and when you hear the name Steve Cook you automatically think 'devious ba***rd'. Once again Steve has knocked it out the park with this one. The props are top quality and will last you, with care, forever. There is nothing difficult in this routine but that's not to say it's easy. While you can do it straight out of the box you will need to put in time and effort to get the routine flowing and get your patter down. All in all it took me 30 minutes to work out my presentation and have the routine flow naturally. This is a serious fooler for both lay folk and magi alike. It all seems so fair and above board and the little touches here and there and superb. As usual Peter and Dave do an outstanding job in teaching you everything you need to know. *Edit* When you hear the name Steve Cook you will automatically think 'Genius mentalism' Very highly recommended.

Steve Black

The props are of the highest quality & the instruction clear and concise .As the guys say this is a nice alternative to expensive electronics & is very clever but simple to perform. A little practice is required to think in the right way (think along the lines of the stroop effect) but is certainly not difficult. The initial handling of the cards requires some audience management but again is within the grasp of most. Steve Cook and Alakazam make an excellent team. Recommended !

Paul Frost

I was extremely lucky to pick one of these up at the London Magic Roadshow, after seeing Dave perform it I just had to have one. This is a truly fantastic effect and something you will love to perform, I know I do. Why not treat yourselves with an early Christmas present, you won’t regret it.

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